Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Wayne Gretzky's Hot Daughter Closes Twitter Account

For those who were unaware, Wayne Gretzky has a very attractive 22 year old daughter who bears much closer resemblance to her mother than her father. She is pursuing a career as an actress/singer/model and had been using Twitter to post sexy pictures of herself, which included many of her partying hard like Paris Hilton or Lindsay Lohan. The account was closed shortly after she reported sitting down to dinner with her father for a chat about social media, which has sparked rumours that the account was closed at his request. Regardless of how this came to pass, it left many disappointed, though many fathers would sympathize with him. Paulina Gretzky's acting career has gone nowhere despite her father's celebrity, so it is questionable whether her social media techniques have been helping or hurting that career.

When I first saw this story appear in the mainstream Canadian news, my first reaction was disappointment that the Great One's hot daughter had a Twitter account with sexy pictures and it was shut down before I even knew it existed. Oh well, one of the great things about the Internet is that it lasts forever.

Look Paulina, if you want to be a star in today's world, I have two words for you; sex tape. Even a low quality sex tape can launch a career. It is something you should strongly consider. Playboy also launches careers. Think about it...please...

Monday, November 28, 2011

Bruce Boudreau Fired

How often does a coach with a 12-9 record get fired? It can't be too often, though tell that to Marty Schottenheimer. When Bruce Boudreau crossed super-duper star Alex Ovechkin by benching him in the critical moments of a game, his days were numbered. The coach never wins that battle, even if the team has been having a decent season. It is unlikely any insider would disagree that Bruce Boudreau probably has the lowest IQ in the NHL head coaching fraternity. That is not a statement of fact, but an educated guess. ESPN's Bill Simmons was talking about HBO's 24/7 series last year and said that he's convinced after watching it that a person could be functionally retarded and still coach a successful NHL team. He had a talent for inspirational dressing room speeches laced with F-bombs, but ultimately was not a good head coach. He'd make a great assistant coach.

Once Ovechkin turned on him, the writing was on the wall. What's ironic is that with Ovechkin on the bench in that critical moment, Washington scored the game trying goal and went on to win the game. The fact that they won didn't matter. For Boudreau it was an insurmountable loss. There is even a remote possibility that Ovechkin personally asked the owner to fire the coach. Just watch, Ovie is about to go on a tear.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Who Is The Oldest NFL Running Back To Run For 2000 Yards?

Question; who is the oldest running back to ever rush for 2000 yards in the NFL? The answer accomplished this feat at 29 years old, the next closest two were 26. So who was the old guy to surpass this milestone? None other than Barry Sanders, who ran for 2,053 yards at the age of 29 in 1997, one year before he retired less than 1,500 yards away from Walter Peyton's all-time record. Emmitt Smith chose to hang on and took the record after Barry retired. Smith has 3,083 more yards than Sanders, but Emmitt finished with 1,400 more carries.

Runners Up:

Terrell Davis, Denver Broncos, 2,008 yards at age 26
OJ Simpson, Buffalo Bills, 2,003 yards at age 26

Kevin Smith Gets Hurt, Again

In week 11 of the 2011 NFL season, Kevin Smith returned from obscurity to score 3 touchdowns and over 200 total yards in a win over Carolina (who has the worst run defense in the league). As the Detroit Lions are my favourite team, I'm well aware of Kevin Smith. Watching the start of the Lions-Packers I tweeted:

"Wow, Kevin Smith's ACLs look as good as new. This is not the same guy I used to know. Did they install titanium parts into his body?"

Then 20 minutes later I tweeted:

"Kevin Smith carted off with leg injury. Please disregard my last Tweet."

Oh what a cruel fate for a fan base so thirsty for success. Initial reports say high ankle sprain, which could keep him on the sidelines for significant time. Shame on any of us who saw that once in a lifetime performance and believed this guy would be any different from the man he used to be. Though I gotta say I'm a little bit shocked to see he's only 24. As a Detroit Lions fan, it feels to me like Kevin Smith is about 35 years old, but then again, that 0-16 year felt like 8 years.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Is Wayne Gretzky Going To Buy The Toronto Maple Leafs?

Rumours have now attached the name of Wayne Gretzky to the sale of the Toronto Maple Leafs, which made some news headlines in Canada. A group looking to buy the Maple Leafs reportedly contacted Gretzky about joining their consortium, Wayne reportedly said no. It was then leaked to the media that Wayne Gretzky was involved in talks to buy the Toronto Maple Leafs. Technically it's true, but the headline is very easy for a Leaf fan to see and misconstrue. Is Wayne Gretzky going to buy the Toronto Maple Leafs? By golly I hope so, and I'm no Leafs fan. Marty McSorley could be brought in as head coach, and why not make his agent director of scouting? Oh the places you'll go!

It's highly unlikely that Wayne has the personal wealth to purchase a major share of the most valuable franchise in the NHL, so his involvement would be mostly ceremonial. He's also coming off a very negative ownership experience in Phoenix, so it's unlikely that he is eager to get back into the owner's box anytime soon. I'm sure that hasn't stopped some Leaf fans for dreaming dreams of the Great One blessing the blue and white...

Monday, November 21, 2011

Sidsational! Welcome Back Crosby

You don't need to be a Pittsburgh Penguins fan to be excited about Sidney Crosby's return from a concussion, and he was worth the wait with 4 points in his 1st game in over 10 months. The game of hockey is better with Sid on the ice and all hockey fans need to celebrate his return. By the way, I would support the NHL adding a rule that any player who injures Sidney Crosby faces a lifetime ban. David Steckel should be stocking grocery shelves right now, Victor Headman I'll cut some slack because Crosby arguably should not have been playing in that game. If they added a rule making it illegal to touch Crosby, I'd be cool with that too, and I'm a Red Wings fan.

Crosby's 4 pts in 1 game pretty much picks up where he left off. Many forget that when Crosby went down last year, he was scoring at a phenomenal rate. Perhaps the big question is where Sid will finish in scoring. He's 25 pts off the scoring lead with 60 games to play. If he can get 4 pts every game then he'd finish comfortably over 200 pts, but 80-90 pts is a much more reasonable expectation. He should at least be able to catch Ovechkin, which would be awesome.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Vancouver Sportstalk Radio Has A Problem

TSN Radio cannot come fast enough to Vancouver. Despite having two radio stations dedicated to sports (run by the same company), I'm driving home from work on a Saturday night and both stations are 100% dedicated to NCAA football. This being the biggest night in the NHL, they don't have a hockey show when the Canucks don't play. Hockey is far more popular that American college football in this market, so not having a hockey show when it matters most exposes a structural problem in TEAM 1040 and 1410 programming. Since they don't have a non-Canuck hockey show, they both revert to ESPN programming which doesn't care for hockey and loves college football. There might be some college fans, but give them one station, not both.

Look, the Team 1040 has a giant hole in their roster without David Pratt, and they have done nothing to replace him. B-Mac and Taylor suck. They spend a lot of time laughing at each other, and I spend no time laughing with them. The fact that I can't get hockey talk from either of these stations at the end of the games on a f**king Saturday night is a serious problem. Even if the Canucks play, they'll spend more time debating the 7th defenseman than talking about the rest of the NHL.

Please TSN, come to Vancouver. I can't be the only one eagerly anticipating your arrival.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Cory Schneider Lit Up By Chicago, Steve Montador On Fire

The Chicago Blackhawks have once again blown out the Vancouver Canucks, this time in a 5-1 romp against Cory Scheinder. The Luongo haters in Vancouver are not going to like this result, as Cory "the next one" did not play well at all. Scheinder has put up better numbers than Luongo so far this season, but this kind of meltdown is not going to help the argument that Luongo should be either benched or shipped out of town. For now Loo is injured, which may provide Cory more opportunities to start depending on its severity. Vancouver fans could get to see a preview of life without Loo, and this was not a good start.

Also, don't look now, but Hawks D-man Steve Montador is suddenly on fire with 4 goals in his last 4 games! I've been one of the few holding on to Stevie in fantasy hockey, and it is now paying off dividends in my 20 team league. If you can't trust Steve Montador, who can you trust? After a slow start, this hot streak has renewed my faith in the hockey Gods.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Lucic Hit On Ryan Miller

By now most people have seen the replay of Boston Bruin power forward Milan Lucic bowling over Buffalo goaltender Ryan Miller far outside the crease, which was not suspendible but set the hockey world a buzz. As a former goaltender, I believe that all goalies should be fair game if they want to leave the crease area to play the puck. That's a risk you choose to take skating out there to make the play. Stay in your net and you don't risk a collision, skate out to play the puck and you might get hit. It is completely fair. The hit shouldn't even have been a penalty. Where does it say in the rules that goalies can skate out to the face off dot to play the puck and can't be touched? Goalies are protected in the crease, not outside of it.

That being said, I have no objection to the Buffalo players responding to the hit with fisticuffs. They knocked down your goalie so the appropriate move is to show your displeasure with physical violence. This is hockey!

By the way, the announcers in this game completely over-reacted to the play as if it were some deadly sin that deserved a harsh punishment. "Attempt to injure"??? You could almost say that of any hit. Then what's funny is one of the announcers who was decrying how despicable this was and did not belong in hockey, then goes on to encourage retribution via Buffalo running Boston's goalie. Good call guy! This is a terrible act and needs to be purged from the game, so let's have the other team go do the exact same thing... Jesus Christ, what a f**king nightmare...

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Joe Paterno's Most Despicable Act

While it remains to be seen if Penn State coach Joe Paterno's role in the recent child molestation scandal was criminally liable; he at the very least allowed a man he knew to be a child predator to have a role in the program for nearly a decade. This was someone who had access to the facilities, the players, had an office across the street, and even played a role in recruiting teenage athletes to come to Penn State after the alleged molestation took place. When his former assistant Jerry Sandusky was caught molesting a 10 year boy in the team shower in 2002 (which was reported to Paterno), regardless of who he was obliged to tell, he should have permanently banished Sandusky from the program and especially campus. Instead he told the Athletic Director and the incident was covered up (allegedly).

Paterno himself went into the living rooms of high school players and asked families to send him their children knowing his team was harbouring an alleged pedophile predator across the street. We can let the courts decide if he was obligated to report the information to the police when the witness informed him of the incident, I just can't understand how Sandusky continues to play a role in the program after this happens. He had a long history of bringing young boys to the stadium while he was an assistant, and I'm wondering when people started to notice something was awry. There had to be suspicion prior to the 2002 incident, possibly even another exposed incident. He "retired" unexpectedly in 1999.

What I don't get is the adult who discovered Sandusky molesting a child in the team shower, and instead of stopping it or calling police, he went home and called his dad. His dad told him to talk to Paterno. This was eventually brought to campus police and the punishment was that Sandusky could not bring young boys to the campus with him anymore. Seriously??? How do you witness a young kid being raped and not do something to stop it? Choosing to flee should be a criminal act of depraved indifference. Talk about your bad samaritan.

This whole story is sickening. It sounds like the cover up (possibly multiple cover ups), was about protecting the program. They did not want to hurt recruiting. So instead of calling the real police they called campus police.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

NHL Week 6 Power Rankings

A few weeks have passed since my last rankings, and there have been some big swings in performance. All of a sudden the Dallas Stars and Edmonton Oilers are among the best teams in the NHL? Did anyone see this coming? Is Nikolai Khabibulin really running away with the Vezina? If he keeps up this ridiculous pace for another month, he can coast into the award like Thomas last year (who had a bad second half of the regular season). Without further adieu here are my power rankings.

1. Dallas (last rank #8): Brad Richards must have been holding this team back!

2. Washington (last rank #1): I like Ovechkin getting benched on an offensive zone faceoff down by a goal with under a minute remaining. Nick Backstrom scores to tie the game. That's telling of the Caps season thus far.

3. Edmonton (last rank #12): Eventually the clock will strike midnight, but as of right now this team is winning. I'm talking about real winning, not the Charlie Sheen variety.

4. Pittsburgh (last rank #4): Imagine when they get the best player in the world back?

5. Philadelphia (last rank #9): Seriously guys, try to flying V to bust the trap next time. You'll get better TV ratings.

6. NY Rangers (last rank #13): Don't look know but the Rangers have won 5 in a row.

7. Minnesota (last rank #17): This team got hot in a hurry and has also won 5 in a row.

8. Buffalo (last rank #6): Thomas Vanek is having a season.

9. San Jose (last rank #14): Joe Pavelski is lighting up the NHL. They could have used that in the playoffs.

10. Chicago (last rank #7): Lost 3 in a row, but this team is a lock for the playoffs.

11. Phoenix (last rank #22): Don't look now, but all of a sudden Phoenix is decent. Can it last with Mike Smith? That has never been done before.

12. Florida (last rank #11): Versteeg, Fleischman, Campbell driving the team's early success. They should have kept Markstrom up with the big team. He's their future.

13. Nashville (last rank #25): Pekka Rinne will prove he's worth every penny.

14. Detroit (last rank #3): Great start, then fell like a brick, now has won 2 in a row. Maintaining a positive goal differential.

15. Boston (last rank #23): Tyler Seguin is going to be a great player in this league for a long time.

16. Tampa Bay (last rank #20): Booo the 1-3-1 trap off the opening faceoff!!! BOOO! SHAME! Steve Yzerman better have a sit down with his coach.

17. Toronto (last rank #10): How long will Reimer be out? This could get ugly fast. Dropped 2 straight being outscored 12-1. Leaf fans can blame my friend who predicted Skrivens would win the Vezina the night before the losing started.

18. Los Angeles (last rank #2): They have dropped 16 spots in the rankings thanks to a 5 game losing streak. Kopitar is having a season.

19. New Jersey (last rank #19): No better or worse than a few weeks ago. Elias leads the team in scoring.

20. Vancouver (last rank #16): If this team misses the playoffs, the fans might very well burn the entire city to the ground...

21. St. Louis (last rank #21): The Ken Hitchcock era has begun. They are on a 1 game winning streak. Stay tuned!

22. Colorado (last rank #5): They are who we thought they were. They'll be good eventually, but it wasn't meant to be now. Lost 4 straight.

23. Calgary (last rank #26): Can Flames sustain this slow steady drive to mediocrity? Playoffs are a 50-50 proposition at best.

24. Montreal (last rank #29): Has this team gotten worse, or did they just overachieve last season?

25. Ottawa (last rank #27): They're bad, they're good, they're bad, now what? Spezza and Michalek have something going.

26. Carolina (last rank #24): Doubtful this team makes the playoffs.

27. Winnipeg (last rank #28): When Kyle Wellwood is your leading goal scorer midway through November, you've got serious problems.

28. NY Islanders (last rank #18): They are who we thought they were. They don't have the goaltending for extended success.

29. Anaheim (last rank #15): What the hell is going on here? The team is healthy, is loaded with talent, and have lost 6 straight. I blame the start in Europe, not my drafting of Perry and Getzlaf in my hockey pool.

30. Columbus (last rank #30): The 30 spot might have a permanent resident from start to finish.

Busting The Neutral Zone Trap With The Flying V

On Wednesday night the hockey world was set a buzz by the "trap busting" tactics of the Philadelphis Flyers who chose to just stand in a stationary position when Tampa dropped back into a 1-3-1 forecheck. This is both ridiculous and ineffective. If you want to bust the trap, standing still is not going to put the puck in the other team's end. To succeed, you need to get creative. The trap only works in the neutral zone and is "neutralized" once you get set up in the other team's end. What you need to do is hammer "the thin edge of the wedge" straight up the middle in the form of a modified flying V circa the Disney Mighty Ducks movies.

Am I being serious or sarcastic? Well maybe a little bit of both, but it would be funny to see. Of course the fatal flaw in the original flying V is that the other team knows the lead guy is going to get a pass through his legs before he reaches the blueline so as to avoid being offside. Hence why the flying V was never adopted by professional hockey teams (yes, I'm sure that's the only reason). But here's the catch, if a team like Tampa is just going to sit back at the red line and not forecheck, why not have your players assemble in a tight group formation and skate up the ice together as a singular cohesive unit? Then as they are coming over the red line the lead players can fan out while the puck carrier either makes a pass, fires it around the boards, or flips the puck up in the air so it lands in slot area at the same time as the wedge.

Would that work? Maybe, maybe not, but it would be more entertaining than having Braydon Coburn stand still for 30 seconds. The trap nearly killed hockey in the 90s. It is less objectionable when a team is protecting a lead late in the game, but at the start of the game? Shame on Tampa for starting a 0-0 hockey game in a trap. Should the NHL make the 1-3-1 an automatic 2 minute penalty? Absolutely not. Perhaps the best thing to do (aside from the flying V) is to have a rule where all icings and offsides are waived off if a team is employing a trap formation. It may not be as fun as the flying V, but it would make the trap less effective.

"the Duck is one of the most noble, agile and intelligent creatures in the animal kingdom...have you guys ever seen a flock of ducks flying in perfect formation? It's beautiful. Pretty awesome the way they all stick together. Ducks never say die."

-Gordon Bombay, Mighty Ducks 1

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

My First Time Driving A Zamboni

Yesterday I accomplished my one and only New Year's Resolution by driving a Zamboni for the first time in my life. I have joined the sacred Canadian fraternity of Zamboni drivers. It was a very exciting moment, even if my first assignment was only to drive the machine out back and dump the snow. Baby steps. Next week I'll be tasked with driving "the Zam" around the parking lot before getting the chance to take it out onto the ice and do my first "Zam flood" (I've already done simple hose floods). Last season I worked as a plain and simple curling ice maker and made the decision that my future in this business would be best served by branching off into hockey ice. Now I do both. Not exactly the career one would expect after graduating with a Mathematical Economics degree, but it's one that is spiritually rewarding and a lot of fun.

What were my observations from my first Zamboni driving experience? Not every machine is the same, but on ours the gas peddle is very sensitive and the steering wheel is not. It is quite different than driving a car. Barely touch the gas and it takes off, plus you have to really crank the steering wheel to make it turn. Basically you can have a million miles of driving experience and look like a novice the first time you sit on the big blue machine. However practice makes perfect, pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work, and we're gonna take it one day at a time...or some cliche like that...

Monday, November 7, 2011

Team 1040 Sucks Without David Pratt

This won't be of interest to sports fans outside of Vancouver, but our #1 local sports talk radio station let the popular and polarizing David Pratt walk after his contract expired rather than renew his contract. Now the station sucks. I was never a fan of Pratt and he is an arrogant ass, but he served a purpose. There was entertainment value having him in the afternoon drive slot that was not adequately replaced. His departure left a giant hole in the Team 1040 roster that has not been filled, they merely shuffled their people around. I want to start a campaign to get Pratt back on the Team 1040. It starts here.

Either that, or bring on TSN radio as soon as possible! Please please please! I can no longer tolerate the Team. Will Pratt return to TSN? I hope so, and TSN would be smart to pick him up because he has a following in this market. TSN! TSN! TSN! He's a great radio host. I just don't read his writing because there's a chance he ripped it from someone else.

Tyler Seguin Lights Up The Toronto Maple Leafs

It was great to see Boston Bruin forward Tyler Seguin torch the Toronto Maple Leafs for 3 goals over the weekend, against the team who would have been drafting him if not for trading the pick for Phil Kessel. With Kessel's hot start to the season Leaf fans can sleep easy, but rest assured the Boston Bruins are very very happy they made that trade. Burke got what he wanted, but he paid a steep price to do it. In the meantime, since the trade, Boston won a Stanley Cup and the Leafs still have not made the playoffs. However, I do expect the Leafs to make the postseason in 2011/12 thanks in part to the chemistry between Lupul and Kessel.

You could argue that the trade was good for both teams. The kid Boston drafted with the second pick is what could tip the balance in the long term analysis. Also, we need to see how the Leafs do with Kessel in the playoffs before we can judge the strength of that aquisition.

As of the moment I'm writing this: Seguin has 14 PTS in 12 GP and Kessel has 21 PTS in 14 GP.

DeMarco Murray "Explosive & Electric"

Dallas Cowboys running back DeMarco Murray is the real deal. He is averaging over 6 yards per carry and was described by the Seahawks postgame show as "explosive, electric, and the real deal". The Seahawks analysts were smitten with Murray, who put up a huge game without reaching the endzone. Murray got his chance with the Felix Jones high ankle sprain and has maximized his opportunity. The high ankle sprain can be devastating for a running back, but even if Jones gets healthy I don't see him getting the starting job back. DeMarco is the man. They have to give him the ball. If every fantasy league re-drafted today for the rest of this season, Murray has to be a top 20 pick. Congrats to anyone who scooped him up early. Any Felix Jones owner who did not pick up Murray after the Jones injury dropped the ball.

In one of my 16 team leagues, Murray was still available after his 250 yard game two weeks ago. We got him in the waiver draft and now it looks like we have finally replaced the fallen Jamaal Charles.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Pekka Rinne To Become Highest Paid NHL Goaltender

Nashville Predators goaltender Pekka Rinne has signed a 7 year $49 million contract extension that will make him the highest paid player at his position next season. This certainly can't be considered a bargain price, but it is a fair price because you can easily argue that he is the best young goaltender in the NHL. $7M per season only puts him slightly ahead of Henrik Lundqvist. Unlike Bryzgalov, this contract is not front loaded, with Ilya making $10M this season and $1.2M in the last year. Rinne will make $7M in the 7th year of this deal. The only potential downside of the deal is that it will eat up a significant portion of Nashville's limited budget, with Ryan Suter and Shea Weber still to be signed long-term. Suter and Weber make Rinne better. Brodeur was not as good without Stevens and Neidermayer.

Here's the top ten list of NHL goalie salary cap hits for the 2011/12 season according to capgeek.

RankPlayerTeamCap hit
1.Lundqvist, HenrikNYR6,875,000
2.Ward, CamCAR6,300,000
3.Miller, RyanBUF6,250,000
4.Backstrom, NiklasMIN6,000,000
5.Kiprusoff, MiikkaCGY5,833,333
6.Bryzgalov, IlyaPHI5,666,667
7.Huet, CristobalCHI5,625,000
8.Luongo, RobertoVAN5,333,333
9.Brodeur, MartinNJD5,200,000
10.Thomas, TimBOS5,000,000

Last  year's ranking for goalie save percentage was:

1.Tim ThomasBOS570.9382.00
2.Pekka RinneNSH640.9302.12
3.Roberto LuongoVAN600.9282.11
4.Jonas HillerANA490.9242.56
5.Semyon VarlamovWSH270.9242.23
6.Cam WardCAR740.9232.56
6.Carey PriceMTL720.9232.35
7.Henrik LundqvistNYR680.9232.28
9.Tomas VokounFLA570.9222.55
10.Ilya BryzgalovPHX680.9212.48

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

NHL October 2011 Player Rankings

Who were the best players in the NHL in the month of October on a per game basis? Using a rather simple metric that is mostly points per game but also includes +/- and shots on goal, I have ranked the top 500 NHL skaters this month. Phil Kessel was the best player in October. The only criteria for inclusion, you must have played at least 5 games and registered at least 1 point. Big surprises on the positive side are Jason Pominville, Tyler Seguin, Kris Versteeg, Milan Michalek, and Nugent Hopkins all cracking the top 30. The number on the far right margin is the calculated metric which is a modified Z-Score.

1.Phil KesselTor 5.36
2.Thomas VanekBuf 4.84
3.Joe PavelskiSJ 4.22
4.Jason PominvilleBuf 3.98
5.Claude GirouxPhi 3.71
6.Nicklas BackstromWas 3.50
7.Anze KopitarLA 3.33
8.Marian HossaChi 3.30
9.Daniel SedinVan 3.26
10.Tyler SeguinBos 3.25
11.Patrick KaneChi 3.23
12.John TavaresNYI 3.15
13.Jason SpezzaOtt 3.12
14.Dion PhaneufTor 3.03
15.Patrick SharpChi 3.03
16.Henrik SedinVan 2.86
17.Joffrey LupulTor 2.85
18.Steven StamkosTB 2.78
19.Jaromir JagrPhi 2.74
20.Kris LetangPit 2.72
21.Kris VersteegFla 2.71
22.Alex OvechkinWas 2.60
23.Evgeni MalkinPit 2.58
24.Taylor HallEdm 2.58
25.Tomas FleischmannFla 2.47
26.Milan MichalekOtt 2.42
27.Ryan Nugent-HopkinsEdm 2.40
28.Scott HartnellPhi 2.37
29.Joe ThorntonSJ 2.35
30.Danny BrierePhi 2.33
31.Martin HanzalPho 2.33
32.Erik KarlssonOtt 2.31
33.Alex SteenStL 2.29
34.Ray WhitneyPho 2.27
35.Patrick MarleauSJ 2.27
36.Jordan EberleEdm 2.26
37.Jamie BennDal 2.22
38.Marian GaborikNYR 2.21
39.Max PaciorettyMon 2.21
40.Marc-Andre BergeronTB 2.19
41.Ryan SmythEdm 2.15
42.Sheldon SourayDal 2.13
43.Dennis WidemanWas 2.11
44.Stephen WeissFla 2.08
45.Patrik EliasNJ 2.07
46.Alexander EdlerVan 2.04
47.Shane DoanPho 2.04
48.Sami SaloVan 1.98
49.Loui ErikssonDal 1.95
50.Ryane CloweSJ 1.92
51.David LegwandNsh 1.91
52.Martin St. LouisTB 1.91
53.Tomas PlekanecMon 1.90
54.Brad RichardsNYR 1.89
55.Radim VrbataPho 1.87
56.Mike GreenWas 1.86
57.Teddy PurcellTB 1.84
58.Teemu SelanneAnh 1.82
59.James NealPit 1.76
60.Gabriel LandeskogCol 1.76
61.Chris ProngerPhi 1.76
62.Simon GagneLA 1.72
63.Dustin BrownLA 1.69
64.Jason ArnottStL 1.68
65.P.A. ParenteauNYI 1.67
66.Luke AdamBuf 1.67
67.Vincent LecavalierTB 1.66
68.Vinny ProspalCls 1.60
69.Steve OttDal 1.57
70.Mike RichardsLA 1.55
71.Craig SmithNsh 1.55
72.Martin HavlatSJ 1.55
73.Matt D'AgostiniStL 1.54
74.Kimmo TimonenPhi 1.54
75.Logan CoutureSJ 1.53
76.Valtteri FilppulaDet 1.53
77.Justin WilliamsLA 1.52
78.Olli JokinenCgy 1.52
79.Jonathan ToewsChi 1.51
80.Jordan StaalPit 1.50
81.Alex BurmistrovWpg 1.49
82.Rick NashCls 1.48
83.Marcus JohanssonWas 1.47
84.Jeff CarterCls 1.45
85.Brian CampbellFla 1.45
86.Kyle QuinceyCol 1.45
87.Pascal DupuisPit 1.44
88.Johan FranzenDet 1.40
89.Jeff SkinnerCar 1.39
90.Mikhail GrabovskiTor 1.38
91.Pavel DatsyukDet 1.34
92.Mike RibeiroDal 1.32
93.Nathan GerbeBuf 1.32
94.Nik AntropovWpg 1.31
95.Clarke MacArthurTor 1.29
96.Dany HeatleyMin 1.28
97.Ryan CallahanNYR 1.28
98.Mathieu PerreaultWas 1.26
99.Sergei KostitsynNsh 1.26
100.Jussi JokinenCar 1.25
101.Matt ReadPhi 1.25
102.Patrice BergeronBos 1.23
103.Dave BollandChi 1.22
104.Corey PotterEdm 1.17
105.Milan LucicBos 1.15
106.David JonesCol 1.11
107.Corey PerryAnh 1.10
108.Brent BurnsSJ 1.09
109.Alex TanguayCgy 1.07
110.Dan BoyleSJ 1.03
111.David SchlemkoPho 1.00
112.Jason ChimeraWas 1.00
113.Michael CammalleriMon 0.98
114.Dmitry KulikovFla 0.97
115.Ryan KeslerVan 0.97
116.Alexandre BurrowsVan 0.97
117.Mike KnubleWas 0.96
118.Daniel AlfredssonOtt 0.95
119.Shea WeberNsh 0.94
120.Guillaume LatendresseMin 0.93
121.Andrei KostitsynMon 0.93
122.Sergei GoncharOtt 0.93
123.Mark StreitNYI 0.93
124.Ilya KovalchukNJ 0.91
125.Evander KaneWpg 0.91
126.Kyle WellwoodWpg 0.91
127.Matt CookePit 0.90
128.Nicklas LidstromDet 0.90
129.Nick LeddyChi 0.89
130.Duncan KeithChi 0.86
131.Slava VoynovLA 0.84
132.James van RiemsdykPhi 0.84
133.Chris KunitzPit 0.81
134.Paul StastnyCol 0.81
135.Roman HorakCgy 0.77
136.Niklas HagmanCgy 0.76
137.Alexander SeminWas 0.76
138.Chris HigginsVan 0.75
139.Josh GorgesMon 0.74
140.Petr SykoraNJ 0.74
141.Ryan SuterNsh 0.73
142.Ryan GetzlafAnh 0.72
143.Michael FrolikChi 0.72
144.Yannick WeberMon 0.70
145.Keith YandlePho 0.70
146.Rene BourqueCgy 0.69
147.Peter ReginOtt 0.69
148.Tyler KennedyPit 0.69
149.Jason GarrisonFla 0.68
150.Travis MoenMon 0.66
151.John-Michael LilesTor 0.65
152.Bobby RyanAnh 0.62
153.Zach PariseNJ 0.62
154.Shawn HorcoffEdm 0.59
155.Daymond LangkowPho 0.58
156.Ryan O'ReillyCol 0.58
157.Brad BoyesBuf 0.55
158.Milan HejdukCol 0.53
159.Kevin ShattenkirkStL 0.52
160.Wayne SimmondsPhi 0.51
161.Brian GiontaMon 0.48
162.Curtis GlencrossCgy 0.48
163.Tomas HolmstromDet 0.44
164.Ryan MaloneTB 0.44
165.Dan GirardiNYR 0.43
166.Mikko KoivuMin 0.43
167.Chris KellyBos 0.42
168.David MossCgy 0.42
169.Jiri TlustyCar 0.41
170.Troy BrouwerWas 0.40
171.Matt CarlePhi 0.40
172.Ryan WilsonCol 0.40
173.Colin GreeningOtt 0.38
174.Alex PietrangeloStL 0.37
175.Drew StaffordBuf 0.37
176.Devin SetoguchiMin 0.37
177.Matt MoulsonNYI 0.33
178.Aaron JohnsonCls 0.32
179.Michael Del ZottoNYR 0.32
180.Tobias EnstromWpg 0.31
181.Richard ParkPit 0.31
182.David DesharnaisMon 0.31
183.Christian EhrhoffBuf 0.29
184.Lee StempniakCgy 0.29
185.Fedor TyutinCls 0.28
186.Ian WhiteDet 0.28
187.Matt CullenMin 0.28
188.Brenden MorrowDal 0.28
189.Matt DucheneCol 0.27
190.Tyler BozakTor 0.26
191.Chad LaRoseCar 0.26
192.Henrik ZetterbergDet 0.25
193.Ryan McDonaghNYR 0.24
194.Zdeno CharaBos 0.24
195.David BackesStL 0.22
196.Viktor StalbergChi 0.22
197.Jack JohnsonLA 0.20
198.Mikael SamuelssonFla 0.20
199.Kent HuskinsStL 0.20
200.Lauri KorpikoskiPho 0.20
201.Marc-Edouard VlasicSJ 0.20
202.Andrew LaddWpg 0.19
203.Sean CouturierPhi 0.18
204.Michael RyderDal 0.17
205.Filip KubaOtt 0.17
206.Brandon DubinskyNYR 0.13
207.Taylor PyattPho 0.13
208.John CarlsonWas 0.12
209.Andy GreeneNJ 0.11
210.R.J. UmbergerCls 0.09
211.Brad MarchandBos 0.09
212.Blake WheelerWpg 0.08
213.Brandon SutterCar 0.07
214.Karl AlznerWas 0.05
215.Zack SmithOtt 0.05
216.Ryan JohansenCls 0.04
217.Joel WardWas 0.03
218.Rostislav KleslaPho 0.03
219.Carlo ColaiacovoStL 0.03
220.Matt NiskanenPit -0.01
221.Chris NeilOtt -0.02
222.Brooks LaichWas -0.03
223.Tim GleasonCar -0.05
224.Mark FayneNJ -0.06
225.Maxim LapierreVan -0.07
226.Tanner GlassWpg -0.07
227.Matt HendricksWas -0.08
228.Tomas KopeckyFla -0.08
229.Jakub VoracekPhi -0.09
230.Daniel WinnikCol -0.09
231.Rich PeverleyBos -0.09
232.Derek RoyBuf -0.10
233.Antoine VermetteCls -0.10
234.Jarome IginlaCgy -0.10
235.Max TalbotPhi -0.10
236.Ruslan FedotenkoNYR -0.13
237.Ryan ShannonTB -0.13
238.Patrik BerglundStL -0.13
239.Erik ColeMon -0.13
240.Scott ParseLA -0.14
241.Dustin ByfuglienWpg -0.14
242.Patric HornqvistNsh -0.16
243.Lars EllerMon -0.17
244.Erik JohnsonCol -0.17
245.Douglas MurraySJ -0.17
246.Nikolai KuleminTor -0.18
247.Colin WilsonNsh -0.19
248.Nathan HortonBos -0.19
249.Mike WeaverFla -0.20
250.Mark GiordanoCgy -0.20
251.Pierre-Marc BouchardMin -0.20
252.Jiri HudlerDet -0.21
253.Torrey MitchellSJ -0.21
254.Andrej MeszarosPhi -0.22
255.Brent SeabrookChi -0.22
256.Boyd GordonPho -0.24
257.Joni PitkanenCar -0.28
258.Niclas BergforsNsh -0.28
259.T.J. OshieStL -0.29
260.Brett MacLeanPho -0.29
261.Bryan BickellChi -0.30
262.Wojtek WolskiNYR -0.32
263.Oliver Ekman-LarssonPho -0.33
264.Jamie LangenbrunnerStL -0.33
265.Chris StewartStL -0.34
266.Brett ConnollyTB -0.35
267.Tim BrentCar -0.38
268.Carl GunnarssonTor -0.38
269.Andrew FerenceBos -0.39
270.P.K. SubbanMon -0.41
271.Trevor DaleyDal -0.42
272.Joakim LindstromCol -0.43
273.Kyle OkposoNYI -0.43
274.Tuomo RuutuCar -0.43
275.Dan CarcilloChi -0.44
276.Jamie McBainCar -0.44
277.Derek MacKenzieCls -0.45
278.Jordin TootooNsh -0.46
279.Nick JohnsonMin -0.47
280.Andrew BrunetteChi -0.47
281.Cody HodgsonVan -0.47
282.Artem AnisimovNYR -0.47
283.Jim SlaterWpg -0.49
284.Jarret StollLA -0.50
285.Todd BertuzziDet -0.51
286.Andrej SekeraBuf -0.52
287.Ryan JonesEdm -0.52
288.Raffi TorresPho -0.53
289.Grant ClitsomeCls -0.53
290.Matt GilroyTB -0.55
291.Darren HelmDet -0.55
292.Dominic MooreTB -0.57
293.Matt HalischukNsh -0.57
294.Nate ThompsonTB -0.57
295.Alex GoligoskiDal -0.58
296.Bryan AllenCar -0.58
297.Kyle BrodziakMin -0.59
298.Tyler MyersBuf -0.60
299.Drew MillerDet -0.60
300.Frans NielsenNYI -0.60
301.Jack HillenNsh -0.61
302.Willie MitchellLA -0.63
303.Mark StuartWpg -0.64
304.Johnny BoychukBos -0.64
305.Jeff HalpernWas -0.65
306.Derek StepanNYR -0.66
307.Mike BrownTor -0.66
308.Pat DwyerCar -0.66
309.Jay HarrisonCar -0.68
310.Brett BulmerMin -0.68
311.Jakub KindlDet -0.68
312.Marc-Andre GragnaniBuf -0.68
313.Paul GaustadBuf -0.69
314.Victor HedmanTB -0.70
315.Arron AshamPit -0.70
316.Mattias TedenbyNJ -0.70
317.Alexei PonikarovskyCar -0.71
318.David ClarksonNJ -0.71
319.Brandon PrustNYR -0.72
320.Scott HannanCgy -0.72
321.Adam BurishDal -0.72
322.Jay BouwmeesterCgy -0.73
323.Drew DoughtyLA -0.73
324.Adam McQuaidBos -0.73
325.Nick PalmieriNJ -0.73
326.Jaroslav SpacekMon -0.74
327.Matthew LombardiTor -0.74
328.Vernon FiddlerDal -0.74
329.Michael GrabnerNYI -0.75
330.Zach BogosianWpg -0.75
331.Joe CorvoBos -0.76
332.Eric StaalCar -0.76
333.Lubomir VisnovskyAnh -0.76
334.David SavardCls -0.76
335.Brian RolstonNYI -0.77
336.Shawn MatthiasFla -0.77
337.Justin AbdelkaderDet -0.79
338.Brett ClarkTB -0.81
339.Cory EmmertonDet -0.81
340.Danny ClearyDet -0.82
341.Braydon CoburnPhi -0.83
342.Sean O'DonnellChi -0.87
343.Luke SchennTor -0.87
344.Vladimir SobotkaStL -0.88
345.Jeff SchultzWas -0.89
346.Sam GagnerEdm -0.89
347.Patrick O'SullivanPho -0.89
348.Dainius ZubrusNJ -0.89
349.Dale WeiseVan -0.91
350.Andrew CoglianoAnh -0.91
351.Radek DvorakDal -0.91
352.Jake GardinerTor -0.92
353.Eric NystromDal -0.92
354.Joe VitalePit -0.92
355.Tim StapletonWpg -0.92
356.Bryan LittleWpg -0.92
357.Barret JackmanStL -0.94
358.Scott GomezMon -0.95
359.Raphael DiazMon -0.95
360.Roman PolakStL -0.95
361.Steve SullivanPit -0.95
362.Kris RussellCls -0.95
363.Dan HamhuisVan -0.95
364.Nick FolignoOtt -0.97
365.Matt CalvertCls -0.97
366.Michal HandzusSJ -0.97
367.Luca SbisaAnh -0.98
368.Jesse WinchesterOtt -0.98
369.Jamal MayersChi -0.98
370.Tom GilbertEdm -0.99
371.Matt MartinNYI -0.99
372.Scottie UpshallFla -0.99
373.Mikkel BoedkerPho -1.00
374.Cal ClutterbuckMin -1.01
375.David RundbladOtt -1.03
376.Cam BarkerEdm -1.03
377.Erik ChristensenNYR -1.06
378.Jonathan EricssonDet -1.06
379.Zbynek MichalekPit -1.09
380.Andrew DesjardinsSJ -1.09
381.Jordan LeopoldBuf -1.09
382.Ed JovanovskiFla -1.10
383.Nick SpalingNsh -1.10
384.Dave SteckelTor -1.10
385.Adrian AucoinPho -1.11
386.Pavel KubinaTB -1.12
387.Trent HunterLA -1.12
388.Anthony StewartCar -1.13
389.Brooks OrpikPit -1.13
390.Jacob JosefsonNJ -1.13
391.Francois BeaucheminAnh -1.13
392.Adam HenriqueNJ -1.13
393.Rob ScuderiLA -1.14
394.Clayton StonerMin -1.15
395.Toni LydmanAnh -1.15
396.Kevin BieksaVan -1.15
397.Erik CondraOtt -1.16
398.Jared SpurgeonMin -1.17
399.Paul MartinPit -1.17
400.Brad RichardsonLA -1.20
401.Niklas KronwallDet -1.20
402.Steve MontadorChi -1.22
403.Adam HallTB -1.23
404.Saku KoivuAnh -1.23
405.Mike KomisarekTor -1.25
406.Alexandre GirouxCls -1.26
407.Dennis SeidenbergBos -1.26
408.Brian BoyleNYR -1.26
409.Marcus KrugerChi -1.27
410.Mathieu DarcheMon -1.27
411.Zenon KonopkaOtt -1.27
412.John MooreCls -1.28
413.Deryk EngellandPit -1.30
414.David BoothVan -1.30
415.Marcel GocFla -1.30
416.Cody BassCls -1.30
417.Greg ZanonMin -1.30
418.Tom PyattTB -1.30
419.Jack SkilleFla -1.31
420.Maxime MacenauerAnh -1.32
421.Marek ZidlickyMin -1.34
422.Chris ButlerCgy -1.34
423.Stephane RobidasDal -1.36
424.Matt StajanCgy -1.36
425.Eric BrewerTB -1.37
426.Matt FrattinTor -1.37
427.Cam FowlerAnh -1.38
428.Tim JackmanCgy -1.38
429.Manny MalhotraVan -1.38
430.Ryan O'ByrneCol -1.39
431.Jamie McGinnSJ -1.39
432.Ben LovejoyPit -1.39
433.Roman HamrlikWas -1.40
434.Jason DemersSJ -1.40
435.Steve StaiosNYI -1.41
436.Sheldon BrookbankAnh -1.41
437.Chris PhillipsOtt -1.41
438.Kevin WestgarthLA -1.42
439.Blair JonesTB -1.43
440.Tom KostopoulosCgy -1.43
441.Randy JonesWpg -1.45
442.Jannik HansenVan -1.45
443.Kevin KleinNsh -1.46
444.Mark ScheifeleWpg -1.47
445.Shane O'BrienCol -1.47
446.Kyle CliffordLA -1.47
447.Tomas KaberleCar -1.48
448.Marty ReasonerNYI -1.49
449.Andy SuttonEdm -1.51
450.Mark EatonNYI -1.51
451.Chuck KobasewCol -1.52
452.Andreas NodlPhi -1.52
453.Radek MartinekCls -1.52
454.David KrejciBos -1.52
455.Jan HejdaCol -1.53
456.Dustin PennerLA -1.53
457.Brandon McMillanAnh -1.55
458.George ParrosAnh -1.55
459.Henrik TallinderNJ -1.56
460.Jeff WoywitkaNYR -1.57
461.Cody McLeodCol -1.57
462.Ethan MoreauLA -1.57
463.Patrick KaletaBuf -1.58
464.Travis HamonicNYI -1.58
465.Brian McGrattanNsh -1.59
466.Tim KennedyFla -1.60
467.Matt GreeneLA -1.61
468.Samuel PahlssonCls -1.63
469.Anton VolchenkovNJ -1.65
470.Derick BrassardCls -1.66
471.Mika ZibanejadOtt -1.66
472.Cal O'ReillyPho -1.68
473.Michael RuppNYR -1.68
474.Cody McCormickBuf -1.68
475.Matt BradleyFla -1.68
476.Stephane Da CostaOtt -1.69
477.Marco ScandellaMin -1.72
478.Zac RinaldoPhi -1.73
479.Cory SarichCgy -1.76
480.Lennart PetrellEdm -1.77
481.Maksim MayorovCls -1.78
482.Ville LeinoBuf -1.78
483.Andreas LiljaPhi -1.78
484.Daniel PailleBos -1.79
485.Colton GilliesMin -1.80
486.Blake GeoffrionNsh -1.81
487.Jonathon BlumNsh -1.82
488.Eric BelangerEdm -1.83
489.T.J. GaliardiCol -1.83
490.Craig AdamsPit -1.84
491.Andrew MacDonaldNYI -1.86
492.Devante Smith-PellyAnh -1.86
493.Evgeny GrachevStL -1.87
494.Petteri NokelainenMon -1.89
495.Brad WinchesterSJ -1.91
496.Derek DorsettCls -1.92
497.Jerred SmithsonNsh -1.93
498.Mark LetestuPit -1.94
499.Steve DownieTB -1.97
500.Hal GillMon -2.00