Monday, December 20, 2010

Favre Forever!

They said he should have stopped playing weeks ago but continued for his own personal consecutive games streak vanity; well now those pundits can finally shut up because a week after snapping his streak, Brett Favre was back doing what he loves, playing football. It wasn't 299, it was 1 of 1. He could easily have started 298, handed the ball off to Adrian Peterson three times and left the game within reach of 300, but he did not play last week. Streak gone and everyone saying there is now no reason for him to play, and what does he do? He played in one of the coldest games in NFL history, again took a beating, not to keep a streak alive but because he loves football.

Somebody should put together a highlight reel of all the biggest hits Favre has taken since he left Green Bay. For all those sports pundits who said that Brett prolonging his career was just a vanity project, do they appreciate how much punishment an NFL QB sustains in a season?

Go Brett Go!

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