Thursday, December 9, 2010

Sweet Carl

The Boston Red Sox have acquired Carl Crawford. The fans at Fenway should stop singing Sweet Caroline in the 7th inning and go instead with a newer version of Sweet Carl. As an avid fantasy baseball competitor, I can say with confidence that Crawford is a statistical monster and one of the best athletes in the game. The fans of the New York Yankees have to be concerned. With the addition of him and Adrian Gonzalez, the Red Sox suddenly have a better batting order than their interstate rivals and they already had a better pitching staff. I am never a big fan of cheering for Goliath, but I just might become a Boston Red Sox supporter this year. I'm not buying any hats or t-shirts, but I like when they beat the Yankees.

I don't know if this will cost the Blue Jays wins, because they play as many games against Tampa who lost Crawford as they play against Boston who signed him. Tampa will be weaker, Boston will be stronger.

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