Thursday, November 25, 2010

Unleash The Fleury

When the Toronto Maple Leafs went up 5-0-1 I traded both their goalies and Vanek for Marc Andre Fleury in my fantasy hockey league and the Commish vetoed the deal because Brent Johnson was getting starts and he thought that I was getting ripped off. There was a run on goalies during the draft and I selected Malkin, Zetterberg, Perry, Vanek, and Weber (in order in a 20 team league) before I drafted Gustavsson (at 118) and Giguere (at 163). Commish over-valued the Leaf goalies and under-valued Fleury, who has been fantastic the past few weeks on a great team. I have changed the name of my fantasy team to "Unleash The Fleury". Brent Johnson has lost most of his value, if you own him in any league. Fleury is back, and the Penguins are a Cup contender.