Thursday, January 13, 2011

Fantasy Hockey

I compete in two very deep fantasy hockey leagues (16 team, 20 team) where I currently sit in second place and third place. I try to limit myself to 2 teams per season so that I don't get too wrapped up. I do have a job and other pass times. I have hockey math down to a science, such that I could even consider publishing a book on the subject. I have an honours degree in Mathematical Economics and wrote my honours thesis on the "Market Value Of Human Capital In Professional Baseball". I even compiled a massive database of NHL draft picks and charted out their 5 year chart. I could write a book about the value of a hockey draft pick, such as to say that the 50th pick overall would be a 30% chance at a full-time player in 3 years. I'm sure many NHL teams have done similar research studies, but they aren't published. I have recently started a sports blog and am thinking about the best direction to take it. Sports math might be my thing. But working fulltime inhibits how much of my time I can dedicate to that venture.

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