Tuesday, February 22, 2011

"Another Game For Milos"

The emergence of a new Canadian tennis star Milos Raonic has peaked my interest, as the 20 year old fires lightning bolts on his serves. He's moved up the tennis rankings extremely fast in his young career, and now sits as the highest ever ranked male singles tennis player. He's a kid, and right now the best we have ever had. I am going to start watching more tennis because of Milos Raonic. The irony of it all is that classic episode of Seinfeld where Jerry plays against a guy named Milos who isn't any good but Jerry takes a dive so Milos can impress a lady. The guy celebrates excessively, proclaiming "another game for Milos" and rubs it in.

I am now a fan of Milos Raonic, who serves a tennis ball 40 miles an hour faster than the fastest hockey slap shot (with a running start in the skills competition). You can't even begin to imagine how fast that is if you are standing on the other side of the court. I was a goaltender in hockey for 15 years. His serve is twice as fast of any hockey puck I ever had shot at me. You need freakishly fast reflexes to return that serve. Even as Andy Roddick won his finals match against the rookie, the look on Roddick's face was that he could not believe he beat this kid.

I want Raonic to celebrate like the following each time he wins a match.

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