Sunday, February 13, 2011

Fedor Is Not Ivan Drago

I was trading texts with one of my buddies tonight, who compared MMA prize fighter Fedor Emelianenko to Rocky IV's Ivan Drago. My response was an angry "don't insult Ivan Drago by comparing him to Fedor, Drago came to America looking to fight the best". While I prefer boxing to MMA, I have followed the Fedor story. When he ducked the UFC to join strikeforce, that was a weak move. The best should want to compete against the best. You don't join the XFL if you are good enough for the NFL. Drago didn't land here to fight Apollo, he wanted to fight Rocky. Rocky IV is one of my favourite movies of all-time, and I will not have my friends insult the memory of Ivan Drago by comparing him to Fedor.

Look, Fedor could kick my ass. I know that I'm really tough behind my anonymous blog, but he should have joined the UFC. Maybe the guy knew that he couldn't beat the best, so he joined the XFL instead. When you get your ass kicked in tier 2, that ruins your legacy. Fedor didn't lose to Rocky, he lost to Apollo...

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