Monday, February 14, 2011

NHL Week 18 Power Rankings

Here are my week 18 NHL Power Rankings. Not much change at the top, but I am very bullish on Anaheim, bumping them from #13 to #5. Getzlaf is back, and I don't know how you stop that line. Corey Perry is the MVP of both my fantasy hockey teams.

1. Vancouver, 81 PTS (last week #1): Eventually the Edler, Ballard, and Hamhius injuries have to catch up with this team, but it hasn't happened yet.

2. Philadelphia, 77 PTS (last week #2): What about Bobrovsky? Should be runner up for the Calder.

3. Detroit, 74 PTS (last week #3): There are guys on their 3rd and 4th lines that would be on the 1st and 2nd lines of a lot of NHL teams.

4. Tampa Bay, 73 PTS (last week #4): Tough to predict how well this team will do in the playoffs. Can Stamkos and St Louis be contained?

5. Anaheim, 68 PTS (last week #13): As a Red Wings fan, Ducks are the one team I fear the most in the playoffs. Perry-Getzlaf-Ryan line is scary.

6. Washington, 68 PTS (last week #7): They haven't been great, but this team could make noise in the playoffs. Steckel should be suspended for the remainder of the season for his hit on Crosby.

7. Boston, 69 PTS (last week #5): I wish Milan Lucic were a Detroit Red Wing.

8. San Jose, 66 PTS (last week #9): They need Heatley and Thornton to step up. Pavelski is carrying this team.

9. Nashville, 67 PTS (last week #10): This is a better team than Dallas. I can see them winning a 1st round playoff series.

10. Dallas, 68 PTS (last week #8): This team is not a Stanley Cup contender.

11. Pittsburgh, 74 PTS (last week #6): I'm jumping off the Pens bandwagon faster than Robert Downey jr at Mardi Gras. Trying to see if I can unload Marc Andre Fleury in my fantasy league.

12. Chicago, 62 PTS (last week #11): This team might not make the playoffs. They lost their secondary scoring and the Toews-Kane combo can't do it alone.

13. Minnesota, 65 PTS (last week #17): Suddenly one of the league's hottest teams. They are an enigma to me, but they are getting it done. Their resurgence is bad news for Chicago and Calgary.

14. Montreal, 68 PTS (last week #12): How long before Max Pacrioetty becomes a household name? If they had a spelling bee of last names, this would be one for the late rounds.

15. Los Angeles, 65 PTS (last week #16): TSN has this team ranked 7th overall, and they aren't even in a playoff spot.

16. Phoenix, 67 PTS (last week #15): I want this team to fail and move back to Winnipeg.

17. NY Rangers, 64 PTS (last week #14): I don't see this team making it past the 1st round of the playoffs.

18. Calgary, 64 PTS (last week #18): Oli Jokinen has been a solid contributor to both Calgary and my fantasy hockey team.

19. Carolina, 62 PTS (last week #19): I wouldn't be shocked if this team upset a top seed in the 1st round of the playoffs, and yet I wouldn't be shocked if they miss the playoffs. Take that for what its worth...

20. Buffalo, 58 PTS (last week #21): Who is Ryan Miller's back-up? That's the easiest paycheque in the league.

21. Columbus, 61 PTS (last week #23): Decent.

22. Atlanta, 60 PTS (last week #22): I think the ride is over for Ondrej Pavelec fantasy owners. "They are who we thought they were!"

23. Colorado, 56 PTS (last week #20): This team is free falling.

24. St. Louis, 57 PTS (last week #24): This team has many assets, but still too young.

25. New Jersey, 48 PTS (last week #26): The hottest team in the NHL? How much does this have to do with Lemaire? I feel like they would beat teams 20 through 24 in a 7 game series.

26. Florida, 55 PTS (last week #25): Waiving Michael Grabner, do you think Dale Tallon would like a mulligan on that one?

27. Toronto, 52 PTS (last week #27): Burkie is unloading the Stanley Cup rings from his dressing room, I'd say Giguere is next but I doubt anyone will want that contract. 2 more years of Joffrey Lupul at $4.25 million per season is a terrible contract. One thing I like about the salary cap is that it magnifies NHL player contracts as commodities.

28. NY Islanders, 47 PTS (last week #28): Is this suddenly the best offensive team in the NHL? They have some legit young guns. I think DiPietro might be the victim of a voodoo curse.

29. Ottawa, 44 PTS (last week #30): If I were the Ottawa GM, I'd be trying to move Spezza, Alfredsson, and Gonchar if anyone will take those contracts. They need to suck for a couple of years and build a new core of top picks.

30. Edmonton, 40 PTS (last week #29): I wouldn't be selling anyone on this roster, other than possibly trying to get a goalie like Tukka Rask. This core is only going to get better as Hall-Eberle-Pajaarvi grow some tenure.

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