Monday, February 7, 2011

Post All-Star NHL Power Rankings

It has been a week since the NHL All-Star weekend wrapped up, and it is time to do another Power Rankings. The Cenucks are unquestionably the best team in the NHL right now. San Jose is moving up the rankings fast.

1. Vancouver, 77 PTS (last week #2): Don't look now, but the Canucks have won 5 in a row and Luongo is getting Vezina buzz.

2. Philadelphia, 75 PTS (last week #1): Still playing great, Penguins losing Malkin helps Philly.

3. Detroit, 71 PTS (last week #4): Datsyuk and Cleary are back.

4. Tampa Bay, 71 PTS (last week #7): I don't think Tampa got enough credit at the start of the season for how much talent they have. Well done Steve Yzerman.

5. Boston, 67 PTS (last week #3): Losing Savard again is a blow, but this team has an outstanding goal differential.

6. Pittsburgh, 72 PTS (last week #3): The Penguins should be losing without Crosby and Malkin, but are 8-2 in last ten. I want Sidney back.

7. Washington, 68 PTS (last week #9): Too much talent not to be a threat.

8. Dallas, 65 PTS (last week #6): Lost 3 in a row, and I still don't trust Lehtonen.

9. San Jose, 62 PTS (last week #14): This team is going on a run. I plucked Setoguchi off the waiver wire in my fantasy league.

10. Nashville, 63 PTS (last week #10): Great defense, strong team.

11. Chicago, 58 PTS (last week #8): How is this team 11th in the Western Conference? It makes no sense.

12. Montreal, 65 PTS (last week #13): This team is playing better than I think they should be.

13. Anaheim, 62 PTS (last week #12): I lost Evgeni Malkin on both my fantasy teams, and now my fate rests in the hands of Corey Perry (whom I also own on both teams).

14. NY Rangers, 62 PTS (last week #11): This is a playoff team.

15. Phoenix, 63 PTS (last week #17): I am blinded my desire for the Phoenix franchise to fail and move back to Canada. Decent team though.

16. Los Angeles, 60 PTS (last week #19): Drew Doughty has turned things around, and the team is improving after a disappointing start.

17. Minnesota, 59 PTS (last week #20): I believe Minnesota will fall inches short of a playoff spot.

18. Calgary, 61 PTS (last week #22): This team is heating up. Currently sitting in the 8th seed.

19. Carolina, 58 PTS (last week #15): This team should get the 8th seed in the East.

20. Colorado, 56 PTS (last week #16): Lost 5 straight. Will Forsberg get Colorado into the playoffs? We'll see.

21. Buffalo, 53 PTS (last week #23): Good young team, unfortunate injuries. Tyler Myers has been a major disappointment.

22. Atlanta, 58 PTS (last week #18): This team is falling fast.

23. Columbus, 55 PTS (last week #24): A respectable non-playoff team.

24. St. Louis, 54 PTS (last week #21): Good young core, will make the playoffs next season.

25. Florida, 52 PTS (last week #25): I would like to move this franchise to Saskatoon.

26. New Jersey, 42 PTS (last week #28): If they had Parise, this team would be competitive.

27. Toronto, 49 PTS (last week #26): Hindsight being 50-50, that Kessel trade looks really bad. Kessel needs a Marc Savard.

28. NY Islanders, 41 PTS (last week #29): The highlight of their season was DiPietro getting KO'd. Solid young core, should compete in the future, hopefully in Quebec City.

29. Edmonton, 40 PTS (last week #30): Taylor Hall is going to be good.

30. Ottawa, 42 PTS (last week #27): Lost 9 straight. Lots of talent, but right now playing the worst hockey in the NHL.

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