Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sidney Crosby Get Well Soon

I want to offer my best wishes to the injury recovery of Sidney Crosby. May he be back on television entertaining us with his magic as soon as possible. The NHL without Crosby is a diminished brand. My 3 year old nephew loves hockey and Crosby, and got a Penguins #87 for Christmas. Shortly thereafter, we lost the Sid the kid to a vicious head shot by Washington's Steckle and then compounded by Victor Headman. What's amazing is that Sid has missed 2 months and is still 5th in NHL scoring. He was out for what, 3 weeks until someone took over the scoring lead?

We still have Ovechkin, but it looks like he partied too hard last summer in Moscow. He's not his usual self. Right now, the Sedin twins are the most entertaining ticket in the NHL, until Crosby returns, if he returns. Also, I own Marc Andre Fleury in my hockey pool, so I have extra incentive to root for a strong Pittsburgh Penguins.

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