Thursday, April 14, 2011

Golfing Furry Creek

I recently had the opportunity to golf the Furry Creek golf course in British Columbia, the same grass where Happy Gilmore fought Bob Barker. It was early in the season and course conditions were a little rough, but the course itself is marvelous and beautiful none the less. It will eat novice players alive, but if you are an intermediate player this is the kind of course that everybody needs to experience at least once in their golfing lives. The PGA should be doing events at Furry Creek, or at least an annual skins game. On a personal note I played one of the best rounds of my career with a birdie and 3 pars. The secret to my success was not hitting deep balls, but rather just hitting it straight and in the air.

Here is the 1st tee box. You start your day 150 yards from the fairway.

Some of the hazards boggle the mind, and are very difficult for your amateur and novice players. Bring a lot of golf balls with you to Furry Creek. The next picture is one of the most impossible shots you can ever experience as a golfer. This should almost be illegal.

Or how about being 150 yards away from the flag according to your golf cart's GPS, but the green is about 30 yards above the fairway. I hit a 6 iron with a clean shot that was far enough but not enough loft. There were no clubs in my bag that could match the loft and distance required. None of my threesome made it up the cliff. We all took drops at the top of the hill.

Then there is the tee box 60 yards from the cart path.

I strongly recommend trying out this course if you have the opportunity. Novice players, male and female, should all play from the ladies tees, at least on half of the holes. If you play in March or April the price might be right, but the course is spongey. At peak season this course is $99 a round. We played on the first day the course was open for half price.

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