Monday, March 21, 2011

Maple Leafs Living On A Prayer

As of Monday morning March 21, the NHL's Eastern Conference playoff race is as follows:

NY Rangers 82 PTS with 9 games remaining
Buffalo 79 PTS, 10 GR
Carolina 76 PTS, 10 GR
Toronto 74 PTS, 9 GR

Buffalo has 12 PTS in their last 10 games, so if they get the same in their next 10 they would finish with 91 PTS. If Toronto won all their remaining games, they would have 92 PTS. Basically Toronto has to be perfect and Buffalo just needs to win 60%. At this time the probability of Toronto making the playoffs has to be 5%-10%. At least it was a nice run and gave Leaf fans a reason to get interested. The Leafs have to be aiming at a playoff spot next season. The team has some quality building blocks in place, but these draft picks Burkie acquired recently are 2-3 years away from being impact players, if at all. At the draft table, Burke has a good slugging percentage on 1st round picks and a terrible batting average in all subsequent rounds.

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