Friday, April 15, 2011

2011 NHL Playoffs: Day 3

On the 3rd day of the NHL playoffs, Vancouver and Washington went up 2 games to 0, while Anaheim and Tampa evened their series. I had to work and could only watch the last period of the Canucks game, but I have been watching highlights on NHL On The Fly, so that qualifies me as expert in tonight's events.

Vancouver beats Chicago: It may be to early to predict a sweep, but this series is close to over. The Canucks are the better team, and in game 2 the Sedin twins stepped up with a big game when Luongo was mediocre. Chicago made it interesting at the end, but ultimately this team needs Byfuglien to beat Vancouver in a 7 game series. (Van leads series 2-0)

Washington beats New York: The inability to score has doomed the Rangers, whom I never gave any chance of winning this series. No PTS from Marian Gaborik through 2 games defeats the purpose of such a highly paid offensive player. This is Washington's year. My friend got Ovechkin in the 7th pick of their playoff pool and loaded up on Capitals. To quote Borat, "I like". (Wsh leads series 2-0)

Anaheim beats Nashville: This was the offensive outburst we all knew that Anaheim was capable of, as they overwhelmed Vezina challenger Pekka Rhinne 5-3. Ray Emery wasn't exactly spectacular, but with Perry-Getzlaff-Ryan in top gear, he didn't need to be. Before this series started I predicted it was 50-50. My opinion remains unchanged. (series tied 1-1)

Tampa beats Pittsburgh: Of all the people you expected to lead the Lightning to a 5-1 victory in game 2 vs the Penguins, Eric Brewer wouldn't be high on anyone's list (except maybe his family's). I am cheering for Pittsburgh, but Tampa has more fire power. If the Penguins win, it will come down to coaching, defense, and goaltending, a battle they lost on Friday. (series tied 1-1)

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