Thursday, May 5, 2011

Washington Capitals R.I.P

The Bruce Boudreau era in Washington is likely at an end after an embarrassing 2nd round sweep at the hands of the Tampa Bay Lightning (who have won 7 consecutive playoff games after going down 3-1 to the Penguins). Having predicted that the Caps would advance to the Stanley Cup finals, seeing them swept by Tampa is a trifle embarrassing. Oh well, at least they made it to the 2nd round this year. This team is loaded with talent that should be able to persevere in the playoffs, but they have been unable to convert regular season success into post-season success. It also appears that San Jose will eliminate my Detroit Red Wings, but at least that result I predicted ahead of time.

Boudreau should be fired. After that 24/7 series on HBO was such a huge success, I heard ESPN's Bill Simmons say after watching it he was convinced that you could be functionally retarded and a successful coach in the NHL. Somebody will hire him, but he is overrated.

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