Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Year Of The Canuck

The Vancouver Canucks are going to win the Stanley Cup. Perhaps it is ill-advised to take a statistical likelihood and declare it to be an absolute certainty, but that's how things look from where I am sitting. They are the best team left in the playoffs and even though Boston would provide some serious match-up problems, it is safe to start planning the parade route. While I may be a Red Wings fan living in Vancouver, when Detroit got knocked out I started wearing my Canucks hat and even put up a Canucks car flag on my automobile. Screw it, I'll assimilate and start cheering for the home team. The internet was abuzz after game 2 after a female Canucks fan flashed Ben Eager in the penalty box (no wonder he kept going back for more), and forgive me if I would like to see this trend continue, even increase in frequency. She was wearing a Henrik Sedin jersey.

As the commercial says, we are all Canucks....

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  1. CORRECTION: The Vancouver Canucks did not win the Stanley Cup. To add insult to injury, fans trashed and burned downtown after the game leaving clouds of black smoke that was visible for miles. I'm jumping off the Canucks bandwagon. F**k it Vancouver, you can have your team back. I don't want to be a Canucks fan anymore.

    Let's go Red Wings!