Thursday, June 9, 2011

ESPN's Bill Simmons A Hockey Fan Again

The best part of the Boston Bruins rallying around their fallen teammate to even the Stanley Cup final with the Vancouver Canucks is that ESPN's Bill Simmons is becoming a hockey fan again. As a BS Report podcast subscriber, I'm happy to see one of ESPN's most popular writers at the Stanley Cup final with his father cheering for their favourite team. While the city of Vancouver has been pushing the collective panic button over two embarrassing defeats, Bill Simmons was writing an extended column about why he has become a hockey fan again. Here is a photo captured of Simmons and his father Lanny MacDonald after Boston's 1st goal.

The mood in Vancouver right now is unquestionably doom and gloom, like the Chicago series without the 3-0 lead. Frankly I think the coach needs to do a line shuffle and put Burrows with Kesler, and put Torres or Oreskovich with the Sedin twins. Somebody who is big, fast, and can rumble around the ice like a bowling ball. Prior to the series the Oracles at EA Sports ran a simulation where Vancouver won in 7 with the home team winning every game of the series. EA Sports has been remarkably accurate in their predictions these playoffs.

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