Thursday, June 16, 2011

Jumping Off The Vancouver Canucks Bandwagon

The Vancouver Canucks are not your 2011 Stanley Cup champions, losing game 7 at home. Following the game downtown Vancouver erupted in rioting, leaving a cloud of black smoke that was visible for miles. I was guilty of jumping on the Vancouver bandwagon when Detroit was eliminated from the playoffs, but I have now officially jumped off the bandwagon. I'm cancelling my subscription and taking down my car flag. 11 more years of Roberto Luongo? Thanks but no thanks. Loooooooooser. Boston fans chanting his name while he sitting on the bench long after getting pulled in Game 6 may have caused permanent psychological damage to Roberto's already frail ego. He needs people to pump his tires. Team USA should have started Tim Thomas in the 2010 Olympic gold medal game.

Regarding the riots, there are some people saying that this was perpetrated by a small group of anarchists spread among a crowd of thousands. From what I've been hearing from people who witnessed the event is that it was a lot more than just a few people participating in this civil disobedience. There were hundreds if not a few thousand hooligans, with hardly anybody wearing black pajamas.

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