Tuesday, June 28, 2011

NHL Active Consecutive Games Streaks

After seeing that Henrik Sedin has not missed a game since before the NHL lockout, I decided to look up current iron man streaks in the NHL. He and Jay Bouwmeester are very close, both having missed their last game in 2003/04. Though it would appear that JB is the reigning NHL Ironman at over 500 games (if you only count regular season). Sedin has at least at 490 consecutive games (550 if you count playoffs), which is still well shy of the record set by Doug Jarvis at over 900. The Jarvis record is more impressive to me than the Cal Ripken record, given the amount of physical punishment that hockey players endure at high speeds. Martin St. Louis and Brad Boyes are north of 400 consecutive games and Travis Zajac rounds out the top five. Iginla has at least 328.

On March 15th 2011 NHL.com produced this list of active Ironman leaders.

Jay Bouwmeester, Calgary (496), 03.06.2004 - present
Henrik Sedin, Vancouver (488), 03.21.2004 - present
Brad Boyes, Buffalo (480), 10.05.2005 - present
Marty St.Louis, Tampa Bay (460), 11.17.2005 - present
Travis Zajac, New Jersey (388), 10.26.2006 - present


  1. To all the dipshits who call the Sedin BROTHERS the "sisters", I'd like to see you try and play 550 consecutive games in the NHL with the punishment they endure. That's toughness.

    1. Like to see your Sedin brothers and Vancouver to actually win a Stanley Cup, and not make a huge riot for losing. Softest team ever

  2. Not to mention St.Louis, who was also slated as "too small to play in the NHL"...

    This only makes the people who doubted him look even dumber!

  3. And St. Louis is the oldest player on this list, showing great longevity when the bodies of others start to break down.