Monday, June 20, 2011

Thoughts On Return Of The Jedi Ending

Allow me to deviate from sports for a moment to discuss the ending of the movie Return of the Jedi, and what a possible sequel might look like. Did the Empire crumble after Palpatine's death? Who was third in command after the Emperor and Vader? Even without the Death Star they still had overwhelming military superiority, so a strong new default leader would be in a great position to maintain the advantage. Sure ship construction had to be slowed by the massive diversion of resources to build a moon sized battle station, but they would still have a very large fleet that remained largely intact after the destruction of the Death Star. In fact, guaranteed after the destruction of the battle station, that fleet of Star Destroyers sitting back blocking escape would have moved in and finished off the rebel fleet which had already sustained heavy losses.

Obviously they need to redesign storm trooper armour after its vulnerability to sticks, stones, and furry little dwarfs was exposed. Then there's the part where Luke is trying to save Darth Vader from dying. I get that it is his father, but what does he think is going to happen? If the Republic is restored, Vader would be the first on trial for war crimes. How many innocent people died because of him over 20 years of authoritarian rule? If Himmler killed Hitler, that does not absolve the subordinate for his crimes against humanity. Maybe that's it, Luke is trying to bring Darth to the Galactic Hague.

So how would things work out if George Lucas did an episode 7? Does the Empire crumble immediately without its Emperor ushering in an era of peace and prosperity? Do all the generals put up their white flags and surrender? I suppose that prophecy of Anakin being the one who brought "balance" to the force meant that he would kill virtually everyone who had the ability to use the force, both good and evil. Evidently whoever made the phrophecy neglected to tell the Jedi council how "balance" would be achieved.

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