Saturday, July 23, 2011

Alexei Yashin Coming Back To America?

When Alexei Yashin's contract was bought out in 2007 and the player returned home to play in Russia, I honestly thought we'd seen the last of Yashin (international play notwithstanding). Now rumours are that he's negotiating a possible return to the NHL and the two teams rumoured to be interested are the Islanders and Senators!? What? The two teams who have the most reason not to want Alexei Yashin are reportedly the two teams trying to acquire him? This was the player who essentially ended Mike Milbury's career as a General Manager (though Al might have done the NYI a favour on that front). Just how much is the 37 year old Yashin worth? Looking at comparables in age and offense, his value would be in the $2M to $3M range. Anything north of $3M is too much. If I were a GM in the NHL, I'd make him an offer of 1 year $2M, but not a penny more. Though I'd rather have Brendan Morrison at $1.25M or Todd Bertuzzi at $1.9M than Yashin at $2M.

What has Alexei been up to the last 4 years?

                                                           GP  G A PTS
2007-08Yaroslavl LokomotivRussia56162743 
2008-09Yaroslavl LokomotivKHL56212647
2009-10St. Petersburg SKAKHL56184664
2010-11St. Petersburg SKAKHL52151833

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