Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Ted Purcell A Steal For Tampa

Steve Yzerman is on fire! For as great as he was as a player, he might be even better as a General Manager. The day after wrapping superstar Steven Stamkos to a very respectable contract, he manages to sign Teddy Purcell to a great two year deal at $2.3M per. 26 years old, 51 regular season PTS and a whopping 17 PTS in the playoffs. To be honest I'm mildly shocked by the dollar value, as Teddy would have scored $3.5M - $4.5M if he were a UFA. $2.3M is what I would have given him just for his regular season, but after an outstanding playoffs you have to boost that by at least $1M. He deserved at least as much as Clarke MacArthur's $3.25M.

Again, Steve Yzerman is proving to be a great General Manager in this league. I'd be doing back flips right now if my favourite team locked up Purcell at that price.

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