Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Adam Scott And Steve Williams Versus Tiger Woods

Message to Adam Scott, please don't fire Tiger Woods ex-caddie Steve Williams just because he stole your spotlight at your last tournament victory. This is great for golf, and I want to see Scott and Woods going head to head as often as possible. While many pundits are saying that Williams stole Scott's spotlight last weekend, that spotlight was a hell of a lot bigger with Tiger's angry old caddie participating. Adam Scott winning a non-major tournament dominated sports talk on Monday and Tuesday, which would not have happened without Williams. Whether it was his intention or not, Scott raised his public profile substantially by hiring Tiger's old bag carrier.

That being said, I think Williams is being ridiculously vindictive in how he has handled this. He made over $9 million dollars carrying a golf bag, and did not have to make any shots to do it. Tiger won him a lot of money, so you'd expect him to be a little more grateful. There is no question that Woods did more for Williams than visa versa, so know your role, thank the guy who made you rich, and move on. Granted, we don't know how many favours Williams did for Tiger covering up his rampant affairs, which we might find out if the man writes his tell all book...

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