Monday, August 22, 2011

How Good Is Mark Sanchez?

Just how good is New York Jets quarterback Mark "the Sanchize" Sanchez? It is difficult to rationally evaluate his value heading into this season because he wins games in the playoffs and has the potential to put up big points; but, he also puts up a lot of duds. Below is the game by game for his 2010 season.

Mark Sanchez 2010 Fantasy PTS for ESPN standard scoring

1Bal7400 / 02
2NE22030 / 022
3@Mia25630 / 022
4@Buf16120 / 114
5Min19100 / 07
6@Den19812 / 07
8GB25602 / 08
9@Det33611 / 321
10@Cle29921 / 023
11Hou31531 / 024
12Cin16611 / 08
13@NE16403 / 12
14Mia21601 / 46
15@Pit17000 / 013
16@Chi26911 / 012
17Buf000 / 00

He has to have one of the largest hot and cold variances among starting QBs in the NFL. When he's on he's on, but good luck playing roulette with his weekly match-ups. In 5 games he had more than 20 pts, and in 7 games he had less than 10. In shallow fantasy leagues Sanchez is often not even drafted, but deeper leagues and 2 QB leagues see his value increase by virtue of his starting job on a quality team with a great defense who can get him the ball back when he makes a mistake. He has talent around him and the moxy to beat Tom Brady head to head in a playoff game. Is he going to make a great leap forward? It is plausible. QBs generally take the longest to develop. There's no way you should start the season with Sanchez as your #1 QB, but he's an interesting back up in deep leagues.

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