Sunday, August 28, 2011

Nathan Horton Complains About Rome's Apology

It is acceptable for Nathan Horton to hold a grudge against Aaron Rome for the hit that knocked him out of the Cup finals last year, but it is a childish move to start complaining about the apology through the media. Rome did apologize for the infraction that was but a fraction of a second away from being a clean hit, except he did so in a text message and that has been deemed unacceptable by Horton. That's his opinion and he's allowed to believe he deserved a phone call, but don't take it to the media. What's the point? What does he hope to accomplish?

I'd be curious to know what percentage of hits causing injuries lead to an apology phone call by the player doing the hitting. Just how common is the apologize for injury phone call? Perhaps this is an unwritten rule that I'm unaware of, or Horton is just hyper sensitive. What he should do is wait until the next time he plays Aaron Rome, drop the gloves, and give his a good beating. That's how it is typically done in the NHL.

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