Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Being A Detroit Lions Fan

The Detroit Lions are off to their best start in over half a century, and as a long suffering fan, I'm almost ready to love again. Being a Detroit Lions fan hasn't been easy. I'm not from Detroit, but fell in love with this team watching Barry Sanders run the football. The team has not had a legitimate contender in my lifetime and has been consistently among the worst teams in the league. My life as a football fan has been getting jacked up if my favourite team plays .500 ball. At least in the 90s we had the joy of watching Barry Sanders symphony on turf, until he ripped our hearts out with his sudden unexpected retirement. Since Barry retired, the team has 56 wins and 136 loses including an entire season without winning a single game. The team has not had a winning record for ten years, the Matt Millen era, forevermore known as "the dark times".

This team has been utterly and completely pathetic for an entire decade, that is until now. The team has replaced their "wet paper bag" defensive line with one of the best units in football, led by cult hero Ndamakong Suh. Calvin Johnson is the most dangerous wide receiver in the game and he's got a QB who can get him the football. Herman Moore is but a distant memory. Jahvid Best has his best years ahead of him, and suddenly this team has quality pieces in the right places.

Dare I say...playoffs? What percentage of teams who start the season 5-0 go on to make the playoffs? It has to be good, right?

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