Saturday, October 29, 2011

What Will Happen With NBA Lockout

I'm going to make a prediction for how the 2011 NBA lockout will end. The NBA already has plans to play a half season, and have likely set that as their intended target. They are up against a very weak union that does not prepare itself financially like the hockey players. Many NBA players live paycheque to paycheque despite million dollar salaries, and they will fold before the season is cancelled. If Stern can drag this out for another 6 weeks, he will set a hard deadline in late December or he'll cancel the season, and the union will cave to his demands. It will work and he knows it. The NBA season should start sometime in January. How do I know this? They've done it before, it worked before, and it will work again.

Bank on it. As a hockey fan who doesn't much care for basketball, I'd kinda like to see them lose the whole season. That way hockey highlights aren't competing with basketball every night on Sportscenter. Call me selfish, but I enjoy greater focus on hockey.

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