Monday, November 7, 2011

Team 1040 Sucks Without David Pratt

This won't be of interest to sports fans outside of Vancouver, but our #1 local sports talk radio station let the popular and polarizing David Pratt walk after his contract expired rather than renew his contract. Now the station sucks. I was never a fan of Pratt and he is an arrogant ass, but he served a purpose. There was entertainment value having him in the afternoon drive slot that was not adequately replaced. His departure left a giant hole in the Team 1040 roster that has not been filled, they merely shuffled their people around. I want to start a campaign to get Pratt back on the Team 1040. It starts here.

Either that, or bring on TSN radio as soon as possible! Please please please! I can no longer tolerate the Team. Will Pratt return to TSN? I hope so, and TSN would be smart to pick him up because he has a following in this market. TSN! TSN! TSN! He's a great radio host. I just don't read his writing because there's a chance he ripped it from someone else.


  1. The world is a slightly better pace without that inane twit's mindless jabber.

  2. 2 idiots in the same spot don't work!

    bring back Pratt

  3. he made me a real sport...that was the best...bring back Pratt

  4. PRATT SUCKS. I have heard through the grapevine that since Pratt's paycheques from the TEAM ended a few months ago....let's just say that the "Crown Royal Budget" is gone and Pratt is now drinking cheap Mexican whisky.

    Pratt asked Greg Douglas to shill for him in Douglas' column a few weeks ago but TEAM 1040 ratings remain solid for the afternoon show.

    Pratt apparently told James Stuart, VP and GM of CHUM Radio that he deserved "Bob McCown money".

    Unfortunately, Pratt lost and while the ratings aren't so bad for the TEAM, Barry Macdonald isn't in Pratt's league.

  5. Bring Back Pratt! Rintoul, BMac, Moj! The Team1040 has turned in to college radio. Sorry, that's an insult to college radio.