Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Chris Kunitz Should Be Suspended For Crosby Hit

Pittsburgh Penguins forward Chris Kunitz collided with Sidney Crosby recently, and Sid the Kid will now be sitting out for a few games because he is not feeling well. Brendan Shanahan needs to discipline Kunitz for this hit, regardless of whether or not he intended to cause harm to Pittsburgh Penguins forward Sidney Crosby. A two game suspension should be the minimum for any hit that takes Sidney out of action, even if it came from a teammate. The result of the incident is more important than the intent. Intent to injure is very difficult to prove in hockey beyond a reasonable doubt, which is why Kunitz needs to be suspended for the hit. Steckel should have received a lifetime ban. Honestly, who'd miss that guy?

Having previously supported automatic suspensions for injuring Crosby, I can't back down when the hit was delivered by a teammate. If you hurt the NHL's prized asset, you need to be punished no matter team you play for...

(and yes, I'm being completely sarcastic)

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  1. Sidney "crybaby" is a tool, and a piece of dirt. He does not belong in the NHL. I cannot understand the reason that a teammate of Sidney's should be suspended because of an accidental collision, which happens many times a year for all teams. If you are not being sarcastic, I feel sorry for you having your head so far up Sidney Crosby's ass you can't breathe.