Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Who Does God Love More; Tebow, Praeter, or Broncos D?

How much does God love the Denver Broncos? Tim Tebow gets all the attention for these comebacks and his faith in the man upstairs, but the kicker and defense deserve as much or more credit as the QB. This morning driving my nephews to school I was talking about Tebow and how he sucks all game and then wins it in the 4th quarter; and my nephew asked "didn't the kicker win the game"? Certainly Matt Praeter's two 50+ yard field goals to tie and then win the game were as impressive a feat as anything Tebow accomplished in the 4th quarter.

Tebow was only able to do what he did because the Broncos D kept it close. Does God love Tim Tebow as much as he loves Von Miller? Or does God just love the whole Broncos team? They play in a high altitude stadium, which puts them closer to heaven when they pray. Does God hear their prayers louder because they are a mile high? I'm a religious agnostic, but these Broncos wins defy conventional logic to the point that almost have me second guessing myself. However self confidence explains Tebow's swagger when the game starts to matter. It's not like there is a high power manipulating the results of pro football games. Tebow's belief in himself is more important than his belief in the Lord, unless you argue that he only believes in himself on that level because he's convinced God helps him win football games.

By the way, it was not fair of God to nudge Marion Barber out of bounds or knock the football out of his hands in those critical moments. Had Barber been a bad boy or something? Was God punishing the wicked? Does God just hate Chicago?

There's a lot of questions, and not a lot of answers.

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