Friday, January 6, 2012

Ryan Getzlaf To Be Traded To Toronto Maple Leafs?

Yesterday the Anaheim Mighty Ducks announced that everyone on their roster (except Selanne and Koivu) are for sale. This season has been a catastrophe for the team that has been a power house since the lockout, and they are suddenly shopping key assets like MVP Corey Perry, Ryan Getzlaf, and even Bobby Ryan. We are talking about elite young players on a reasonable salary who have helped this team achieve incredible success in their young careers. However it appears the franchise has been significantly harmed by the loss of Chris Pronger and Scott Neidermayer, and suddenly they are desperate.

So I get an e-mail from my Leaf fan friend yesterday that Getzlaf and Hiller are going to Toronto for Kadri, Gunnerson, Gustavsson, Franson and a 1st round pick. The only problem with that is that the Leafs are right up against the cap. The Leafs have enough assets to acquire Getzlaf or Perry, but they need to shed salary before they can add salary. Are the Ducks interested in adding someone like Komisarek? Probably not. They are closer to the cap than the floor and would more likely prefer shedding salary if they are undertaking a rebuilding process.

If the Leafs want to send a young asset package to Anaheim for one of Getzlaf, Perry, or Ryan, they will probably need to eat a few salaries in the AHL. Wade Redden is having a mediocre season for Connecticut in the AHL, and somebody like Komisarek would have to be demoted to make room for one of the Anaheim stars. Komisarek has a no movement clause, so he won't be playing for the Marlies anytime soon. They need Colby Armstrong to stay hurt, or maybe demote Lombardi or Kulemin.

Hiller is not even an option for the Maple Leafs, but maybe for the Marlies. I'm sure the Ducks would be excited if any team were willing to eat that salary, and might help make a Getzlaf deal possible. However the Leafs would have to make room for Getzlaf and send Hiller immediately to the minors to play with Jeff Finger. That would also make it difficult for Hiller to ever be re-called, because there is a strong probability that he'd be claimed on re-entry waivers for half his current salary. Hiller has 2.5 years left on his contract.

NOTE: The Leafs have about $10M in relevant contracts expiring at the end of the season. They can fit Getzlaf in next season, but for the rest of this season, they need to make room and/or wait until closer to the deadline when his cap hit for this season is significantly reduced.


  1. This is horse shit. You got an email from some idiot with a trade idea and you blog about it?


  2. Hey man, you clicked on the link. Mission accomplished. Thanks for visiting.