Saturday, February 18, 2012

Hall Gill Traded To Nashville For Blake Geoffrion

Today the Montreal Canadiens traded UFA to be Hall Gill to the Nashville Predators for Blake Geoffrion and a second round draft pick. Certainly Habs fans of an older age will experience happy feelings at acquiring Boom Boom's grandson, but realistically his comparables are Jim Slater, Dave Steckel, and Steve Moore. He may become a useful NHL player, but his jersey will never hang from the roof. The 2nd round pick has roughly a 1/3 chance of playing at least 100 NHL games and a 1/5 chance of playing at least 400. The team acquired a future 3rd liner (maybe a low end 2nd liner) and a 19% chance at 400 NHL games for a rental. Not bad. I'd say this works out well for both teams.

Montreal is right to be selling. Good luck finding a buyer for Scott Gomez! They are probably stuck with that one...

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