Friday, March 30, 2012

Patrick Roy Returning To Montreal?

The day after the Montreal Canadiens fired their General Manager, the speculation in the media is now running rampant with rumours that Patrick Roy could be returning to Montreal, either as head coach or general manager (unlikely he'd do both). The former Habs goalie has acknowledged that he is considering the possibility and is open to negotiations. He must  finally have forgiven the franchise for his untimely and unexpected departure. There are few players in my lifetime that I have loathed as much as Patrick Roy. He was and is an arrogant prick, and one of the fondest memories of my childhood as a Red Wings fan was Dec 2, 1995. Let's take a walk down memory lane together


That was the night the franchise died, Patrick Roy's last game in Montreal. Since that fateful night 17 years ago, this storied team has advanced past the 2nd round of the playoffs once and has not been back to the Cup finals since their last victory in 1993. Roy would go on to win 2 more Stanley Cups in Colorado. Will he get the job in Montreal? If he wants it, yes, provided his ego has recovered from Habs fans cheering easy saves. With a man of his arrogance...err excellence...that is easier said than done.

It is difficult to project how Roy would perform as coach or GM of Montreal since he has no prior NHL front office experience. We really have no idea if he can coach at an NHL level. There are rumours that he could stay in junior until Quebec City gets a team, which may or may not happen in the near or distant future. If that's true, then he's probably still carrying a grudge. 40 years from now when Montreal still has not won another championship, fans will start talking about "the curse" of Patrick Roy, like the Boston Red Sox with their curse of the Bambino.

As the wise philosopher Dennis Lemieux once said; "my allergies to these f**king fans has returned."

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