Saturday, March 3, 2012

To: New Orleans Saints "you can't put a bounty on a man's head!"

When I heard today that the New Orleans Saints had been offering players large sums of money for injuring opposing players, the immortal words of Joe McGrath became all the more relevant.

"We could all land in the clinker for this! You can't put a bounty on a man's head!"

"I just did"

Talk about your all time legally liable performance incentives. Any player who has been injured playing against the New Orleans Saints in recent years has more than enough grounds for a lawsuit. Maybe Brett Favre has enough money that he won't be pressing charges, but there has to be a long list players you don't remember or never head of who had careers ended or damaged playing against the Saints. There's a reason that you don't put a bounty on a man's head (criminals notwithstanding), and that is because of legal liability.

If we find out that this practice is common place within a number of NFL organization, prepare for the lawsuits. It will be a gold mine for personal injury attorneys.

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