Monday, April 30, 2012

Hockey Players And Mohawk Hair Cuts

After seeing multiple players on the Nashville Predators sporting Mohawk hair cuts in the 2012 Stanley Cup playoffs, my initial reaction was "You look like a goofball. I hope you lose". That was how I felt seeing Brian McCabe's multi-colour mohawk once upon a time in Toronto, and it is how I feel today. Just because McCabe did it, doesn't make it cool. If anything that precludes it from being cool. If I owned a professional hockey team, I would institute a team rule banning mohawks, and if that cost us a free agent or two, so be it. I'd specifically put a stipulation in every player contract that no player will receive a salary for any duration of time that they sport a mohawk, and any no movement clauses are immediately voided.

Aboriginal players would have a mohawk exemption. A native with a mohawk is scary. A white man with a mohawk is a goof.

My ban would even include "The Mr T"

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