Monday, April 16, 2012

Vancouver Canucks President's Trophy Parade

Speculation has now begun that the Vancouver Canucks might consider holding a parade through downtown Vancouver to celebrate winning the President's Trophy for winning the NHL's regular season. Team officials have given no indication that they are currently considering it, but perhaps with enough fan pressure, that might change. One could argue that winning the President's Trophy is a more impressive accomplishment than the Stanley Cup. A team only needs to win 16 games to win the Cup, but close to 50 to win the regular season. One trophy requires far more wins than the other. A team's ability to feast on weak opponents should absolutely count when determining the league's #1 team at season's end. For that very season, the Canucks should be considering a celebration of excellence because this is a fan base in dire need of celebrating something. I don't care if it means deploying thousands of riot police, this celebration of excellence must be allowed to happen.

If the team doesn't have the fortitude to make this happen, then perhaps Christy Clark might consider naming her new stat holiday "President's Trophy Day" or "Canucks Day" and hold a provincial parade, with or without the team's blessing. Christy has to be desperate enough right now that she'd be willing to try just about anything. The whole province can get a day off to celebrate the Canucks. That would not be seen as vote pandering at all and is a fabulous idea. Christy Clark might be considering this idea. Thus far she hasn't denied it.

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