Sunday, June 24, 2012

Leafs Trade Luke Schenn For James Van Riemsdyk

This weekend the Toronto Maple Leafs traded Luke Schenn to the Philadelphia Flyers for James Van Riemsdyk, in a trade that has been rumoured for most of the season (derailed after a JVR concussion and ankle injury). This is a trade that works for both teams because it addresses their individual needs, the Flyers needing a defenseman and the Leafs needing a power forward. Schenn projects to be a Chris Phillips, Scott Hannan, Braydon Coburn type of defenseman with low offensive upside; where Van Riemsdyk fits in the Andrew Ladd, Ryan Kesler, Colby Armstrong mould. Frankly the two players traded have very comparable value, with the ideal player being dependent on team needs. With both teams addressing holes in their roster, this can be categorized as a win-win, at least for the time being. If JVR can reach the 70-80 point range, then Toronto would be the clear winner.

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