Monday, July 16, 2012

Avengers 2: The Infinity Gauntlet

At the end of the Avengers movie, a brief teaser scene showed up at the end of the credits (as has become common with the Marvel film franchises) that showed the villain Thanos. The most popular Marvel comic storyline involving Thanos was the Infinity Gauntlet, where he assembled a collection of gems on his glove giving him the power of God. Moreover, the Infinity Gauntlet briefly appears in Odin's weapons vault in the Thor movie. The fact that they have teased both the most powerful weapon ever conceived in the Marvel Universe (far more powerful than the "cosmic cube" or "Tesseract") and the villain who used it, suggests a strong probability that this will become the plot of a future movie, possibly Avengers 2, or Thor 2. It is less likely to be the story for the next Thor movie because he was only a minor participant in the adventure.

The big question, will the Infinity Gauntlet be the focus of a major motion picture? Below are reasons that it will, and reasons that it won't. At this particular moment in time there is no confirmation that they story will be used in an upcoming film. As someone who owns the original comic book series, this story being told would only increase the value of the original comics. The first comic book that I ever bought (at age 11)  was the Infinity Gauntlet #2.

This is the cover of The Infinity Gauntlet #1

1) This is a story involving several different Marvel characters, Captain America, Spiderman, Thor, Hulk, Wolverine, Cyclops, Dr Doom, Silver Surfer, etc; creating a spectacular cross-over story with a mighty ensemble of movie franchises jam packed into one film. Money, money, money, money, money...

2) This is one of the best Marvel stories not yet told in a movie.

3) It is the most impossible odds ever faced by the complete combination of Marvel superheroes. 


1) The bad guy is almost too powerful. Ironically the ice dudes who went to Odin's vault to steal the Tesseract in Thor walked right past a far superior weapon.  That aside, in the Infinity Gauntlet story Thanos basically kills everyone, loses the Gauntlet in a freak exchange, and the new possessor undoes all his evil deeds. It's not exactly a fair fight, it ends weird, and thus not necessarily a compelling movie story. They'd damned near have to significantly alter the original story.

2) In Thor, the gems appear as "the Gauntlet" on Thanos' glove. We see them on the glove worn by Thanos, the one who united all these gems on a single article of clothing. However his glove is not on his hand; ergo they are shown after the story would have taken place.

3) It is a complicated story to tell, and doing so in such a way as to be an effective blockbuster movie would require dumbing down the plot substantially. Which is not to say that can't be done in an entertaining manner.

The most likely outcome is that Thanos seeks the Tesseract in Thor 2, and if he receives strong reviews, then The Infinity Gauntlet will be the subject of Avengers 2.

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