Monday, December 31, 2012

13 Sports Predictions For 2013

Here is my list of 13 sports predictions for 2013. Some of them are more likely to come true than others, but I tried not to make it too easy. The predictions are for the calendar year, so they have to be decided in the next 365 days. Last year I made 12 predictions for 2012, and half of them came true.

1. Tiger Woods wins a major championship  (wrong)

2. Roberto Luongo will be traded to the Toronto Maple Leafs  (wrong, but it may have been closer to happening than we will ever know)

3. The NHL lockout will end in January 2013

4. A Canadian team will NOT win the Stanley Cup (locked out or not)

5. Toronto Blue Jays will win at least 95 games  (wrong, they won a pathetic 74 games)

6. Drew Brees leads the NFL in pass yards and TDs next season

7. New England Patriots will win their division next season

8. Denver Broncos will win the Super Bowl this season (wrong)

9. Toronto Raptors will be at least 15 games under .500 over the next 365 days (they are 11-20 this season to close out 2012) (wrong, they were pretty much a .500 team)

10. Tim Tebow will start at least 10 games (wrong, he started zero)

11. When NHL does resume play, less than 50% of Russians who played in 2011/12 will return to the league. (credit the Sochi Olympics, hatred of Bettman, and the Russian mob washing dirty money for the majority of this talent retention)  (wrong, I wasn't expecting KHL to force players to honour NHL contracts after labour dispute)

12. Josh Hamilton falls off the wagon

13. Sidney Crosby leads the NHL in scoring over the next 365 days (Sidney outscored Pat Kane 130 to 128, with Kane playing many more games)

Those are my predictions. I challenged one of my friends to come up with 13 predictions of his own, and they are included below.

1) NHL does not come back for 2012-13 season but does for 2013-14 (wrong)

2) Lakers don't get past first round of playoffs

3) Russell Wilson wins rookie of year (winner RGIII)

4) Seahawks win Super Bowl (wrong)

5) Jays finish first in AL East (not even close)

6) Rory wins 2+ majors (tiger 0)  (wrong)

7) Anderson silva loses to gsp by decision (wrong, GSP didn't want to fight Silva)

8) Manny paquio retires  (he's still going)

9) 2-3 professional sports athletes commit suicide/murder (2 are currently charged with murder with trials pending. This prediction is revoked if either Hernandez or Pistorious is aquitted)

10) Chelsea misses champions league qualification (wrong)

11) Danica Patrick remains winless but does playboy spread  (dammit)

12) Tim Thomas decides to take another year off because everyone else got one.  (lockout ended, and Thomas came back this year)

13) Tebow ends up in Jacksonville,Vick in NYC, sanchez ends up on bench till Vick gets hurt again and sinks jets playoff hopes singlehanded again. (wrong)

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