Friday, December 19, 2014

Age of Empires: Castle Seige Attack Strategy

Here is a helpful tip to those who play Age of Empires Castle Seige on your phones, for attacking other human players. I have often used this strategy successfully against other human players, but have rarely seen it used against me.

I call it....


The best heroes you can have for this are Belisarius (who tunnels under walls) and Charlemange (who leads cavalry to attack a target). You use siege equipment with Belisarius to bust the opponent's walls forging a route to the opponent's keep. Then once you have busted down all the required walls, release all your cavalry (between 8 and 12) with Charlemange and use his special ability to blitz the keep (by dragging his sword and dropping it on the keep). The keep will be destroyed in about 3 seconds. You can use any combination of other soldiers to accomplish secondary objectives (like resource collection). But winning or losing depends on sacking the opponent's keep and the "Charlemange Blitz" is one easy way to do it.

How easy depends on the levels of your heroes. Early on, Belisarius can only collapse one wall. Upgrade him, and he can punch through 2 walls. So early on, if you are facing an opponent that requires you to punch through 2 walls, you require siege equipment to break through the first wall, then blitz Belisarius to take out the second wall. You need to be good at this, otherwise he can die before the 2nd wall is breached, and you be *bleeped*. When you only have the ability to use one hero at once, it has to be Charlemange. He and 10 horses can blitz over 90% of keeps, provided you have the siege equipment to bust through walls.

You may blitz a keep without Charlemange, it just happens slower, and if you can't punch holes in walls, you're going to lose.

Anyone with any other strategy advice is encouraged to leave a comment below.

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