Saturday, June 4, 2016

Kaley Cuoco Shows Off Abs...

I have a news app on my phone that includes a section for entertainment news, and the headline "Kaley Cuoco shows off abs" seems to be a frequent re-occurring story. I'm not sure exactly how this qualifies as news. Nothing against Kaley, I'm sure she spends countless hours in the gym sculpting that body and has earned the right to flaunt it. I just get annoyed that anytime she decides to go to the grocery story wearing an outfit that shows her stomach, it's showing up on my phone an hour later as a news story.

I'm not exactly sure how our culture evolved into this, where TMZ has invaded the main stream news. Those headlines must get clicks. There are so many paparazzi out there desperate to get page views that seeing a female star dressed sexy spills into the news stories. Instead of "Kaley Cuoco goes to supermarket" we get "Kaley Cuoco shows off killer body", and that's supposed to be news. Instead of "Britney Spears goes to beach" we get "Britney shows off amazing body in bikini", and that gets clicks.

I suppose if I wrote a superfluous adjective in the headline above, right before Abs, then maybe this blog post will become a news story? Probably not but I'll say this, Kaley you look better with longer hair. When she cut it really short, it looked like she aged 15 years in 1 hair cut. The half long half short look she's rocking in the photo above works.

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