Sunday, June 12, 2016

Phil Kessel 2016 Stanley Cup Champion

Ladies and gentlemen your 2016 Stanley Cup champion is none other than Phil "the thrill" Kessel. Sure technically it is a team sport and the rest of the Pittsburgh Penguins deserve a little bit of credit for winning one of the World's toughest trophies, but none more than the man who led the team in playoff scoring. Sidney Crosby being awarded the Conn Smythe was a shame.  It's a shame when politics triumphs over reason. Blame Gary Bettman rigging the process to help market the league's biggest star, denying Thrill Kessel what rightfully belonged to him.

It's just too bad that the Toronto Maple Leafs had to give up on this guy. He could have done so much for that franchise if given the opportunity play more playoff games. So sad. Phil wasn't part of the problem, he should have been part of the solution. But now less than a year after being chased out of the center of the hockey Universe, Thrill Kessel has personally hand delivered a Stanley Cup to another more deserving city. When Phil gets his day with the Stanley Cup, instead of bringing it back to his home town, he should bring it to Toronto and have a one float parade down Yonge street, ending at the Hockey Hall of Fame where he does an autograph session in "The Great Hall". That would hands down be the most awesome thing any hockey player has ever done with the Stanley Cup, and it's not even close.

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