Tuesday, January 3, 2017

17 Sports Predictions for 2017

Every year I like to go on the record making a number of random sports predictions. Last year I predicted the Chicago Cubs World Series and Cleveland wins a championship.

1) Rhonda Rousey joins WWE  (she's reportedly close to signing a contract, so I'm going to give myself a yes on this prediction)

2) Neither CM Punk or GSP win a UFC fight

3) Tim Tebow gets on base in MLB

4) Golden State does not win a championship

5) Cleveland Indians win World Series

6) Green Bay Packers win Super Bowl

7) At least 2 current or former MMA fighters diagnosed with CTE. (note: they are close to developing a test to diagnose living people with CTE. Not enough MMA fighters died in 2017 to get their brains autopsied)

8) Nail Yakupov goes to either Las Vegas or Russia

9) Detroit Red Wings miss the playoffs

10)  Tiger Woods wins a golf tournament

11) Andre DeGrasse wins a gold at World Championships

12) Carolina Hurricanes relocate to Quebec

13) Sergei Bobrovsky wins either the Vezina or Conn Smythe Trophy or both

14) Neither Toronto or Montreal returns to MLS semi-finals

15) Eugenie Bouchard fires a coach

16) Tom Brady sues the NFL or Roger Goodell or both

17) Roger Goodell replaced as NFL commissioner

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