Sunday, December 31, 2017

18 Sports Predictions For 2018

Every year I like to go on the record making a number of random sports predictions. Last year I made 17 predictions and only 3 came true. It was not a good year for my foresight. Hopefully things will improve in 2018.

1) Ken Holland does not sign a new contract with Red Wings

2) Tim Tebow hits MLB home run

3) Colin Kaepernick plays a professional football game

4) Johnny Manziel plays a professional football game Done!

5) New England Patriots win Super Bowl

6) St. Louis Blues win Stanley Cup

7) Sweden wins Olympic men's hockey gold

8) Canada wins at least 10 gold medals at the Olympics.  Done!

9) Yankees win World Series

10) Neither Eugenie Bouchard or Dennis Shapovalov will win a tennis tournament. Done!

11) Carolina Hurricanes relocate to Houston

12) Phoenix Coyotes relocate to Quebec City

13) Andrei Vasiylevsky wins the Vezina Trophy

14) Tiger Woods accused of sexual misconduct

15) Conor McGregor will either lose his next UFC fight, or not fight at all.  Done!

16) Argentina wins World Cup of Soccer

17) The Vegas Golden Knights make the playoffs and the Pittsburgh Penguins miss

18) Scientists discover every competitor in the NFL and UFC has CTE

*bonus* Eugenie Bouchard marries the dude from the Super Bowl bet

*bonus* The winner of the Lou Marsh Award will be a joke Done!

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