Tuesday, January 23, 2018

10 Biggest NHL Contracts Given to Czechoslovakians (2005-2017)

What have been the 10 biggest NHL contracts given out to Czechoslovakians in the salary cap era? This country has a long, proud hockey tradition. No goalies made the list, with the biggest among them Tomas Vokoun 4 years 22.8M with Florida.

1- Marian Hossa, Chicago, July 1 2009, 12 years $63.3M: This contract won 3 Stanley Cups for the Blackhawks, and they will be able to avoid the cap recapture penalty by placing him on LTIR forever. That’s a win.

2- Jakub Voracek, Philly, July 30 2015, 7 years $57.4M: This contract is still in its infancy and so far, the early returns are good.

3- Zdeno Chara, Boston, Oct 10 2010, 7 years $48.4M: There haven’t been any Stanley Cups or Norris trophies won on this contract.

4- David Krejci, Boston, Sept 7 2014, 6 years $43.5M: He’s now over 30 years old and his production has been declining with 3 years remaining. Still not a bad investment for the Bruins.

5- Patrick Elias, New Jersey, July 2 2006, 7 years $42M: This was a good investment for the Devils, producing 494 GP and 426 PTS. They gave him another 3-year deal after this one at age 37 that did not turn out as well.

6- Zdeno Chara, Boston, July 2 2006, 5 years $37.5M: This contract produced a Norris trophy and a Stanley Cup for Boston. Bingo.

7- Marian Gaborik, Rangers, July 1 2009, 5 years $37.5M: Gaborik was very productive on this contract with 128 Goals, traded twice near the end.

8- Marian Gaborik, LA, June 26 2014, 7 years $34M: Gaborik was rewarded for scoring 14 playoff Goals in a Stanley Cup run, but has not been the same player since. He’s now 35 years old with 3 years remaining. This has already gone bad on the back half.

9- Andrej Sekera, Edmonton, July 1 2015, 6 years $33M: The jury is still out on whether this contract is good or bad, but he’s over 30 with 3 more years remaining.

10- Martin Erat, Nashville, May 12 2008, 7 years $31.5M: That’s decent value for 474 GP and 292 PTS. What made this even more valuable for Nashville was trading him away as a rental for Filip Forsberg.

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