Monday, January 24, 2011

J-E-T-S Jets Jets Jets!

The New York Jets won their Super Bowl last week against New England, and when I saw their post-game celebration, I knew right away that they would not beat the Steelers. I like the team that wins the round 2 playoff game and doesn't make too big a deal because there are more games left to play. Don't get too excited in the games leading up to a Championship. Get pumped up, but don't go nuts afterwards until you win the big game. The Jets beat the Pats because they designed a defensive coverage system to shut down Brady's short yardage game. The corners played close to the line of scrimmage and weren't open in Brady's natural rhythm. Great job Jets for winning that game. But I watched the post-game and knew they would not win again in the playoffs.

Packers vs Steelers. Great game! I'm picking Green Bay.

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