Monday, January 24, 2011

Latest NHL Power Rankings

I would like to continue with my experiment of doing my own weekly NHL Power Rankings. It takes a few hours to break down all the teams, but fun.

1. Philadelphia, 69 PTS (last week #2): Despite a loss to the upstart New Jersey Devils, this team is in 1st place. "If you ain't first, you're last!" - Ricky Bobby

2. Vancouver, 67 PTS (last week #1): Hit a losing streak, but tonight soundly defeated Dallas.

3. Boston, 61 PTS (last week #5): TSN has Boston #1 which I disagree with. I have to put them over Detroit and Pittsburgh because of the injuries and I can't put Dallas or Tampa in the top 3.

4. Detroit, 64 PTS (last week #4): When they get healthy, this will be a tough team to beat in a 7 game series.

5. Pittsburgh, 64 PTS (last week #3): Desperately need Malkin and Crosby back. Letang is outstanding. Fleury has been outstanding.

6. Dallas, 63 PTS (last week #7): It is tough to tell if this team is for real.

7. Tampa Bay, 65 PTS (last week #9): This is a playoff team with unique high end talent. 3rd in PTS, 17th in goal differential.

8. Chicago, 56 PTS (last week #10): Their record is deceiving with a +20 goal differential.

9. Washington, 63 PTS (last week #6): Ovechkin notched his first hat trick of the year, but this team is better with Semin.

10. Nashville, 60 PTS (last week #9): Has quietly been one of the hottest teams in the league.

11. NY Rangers, 55 PTS (last week #12): Losing Dubinsky hurts, but the Rangers play a solid team system.

12. Anaheim, 58 PTS (last week #11): This team might be better than I think they are.

13. Montreal, 59 PTS (last week #14): Despite significant injuries, this team is holding on.

14. San Jose, 55 PTS (last week #17): This team may have turned the corner this week with 4 wins in a row.

15. Carolina, 54 PTS (last week #16): I like this team.

16. Colorado, 56 PTS (last week #13): Forsberg eh? Could be interesting...

17. Phoenix, 57 PTS (last week #15): Move to Hamilton already...

18. Atlanta, 58 PTS (last week #18): Carolina should bump this team out of their playoff slot.

19. Los Angeles, 51 PTS (last week #19): I don't understand why this team is not doing better. They have so many great pieces.

20. Minnesota, 53 PTS (last week #22): This team is heating up.

21. St. Louis, 51 PTS (last week #21): The future is bright, but I don't think this is a playoff team.

22. Calgary, 52 PTS (last week #24): They will make a run at a playoff spot, but I believe they will fall short.

23. Buffalo, 49 PTS (last week #20): Quality young team with a bright future, but Derek Roy makes the offense click.

24. Columbus, 51 PTS (last week #25): This is not a playoff team.

25. Florida, 47 PTS (last week #23): Lost 4 straight.

26. Toronto, 47 PTS (last week #26): Still suck.

27. Ottawa, 41 PTS (last week #27): I should probably have New Jersey ranked higher, and NJ is still dead last.

28. New Jersey, 35 PTS (last week #30): All of a sudden, this team is winning games beating some top teams.

29. NY Islanders, 37 PTS (last week #28): Nabokov wasn't going to turn this team around, and they should want to maximize their ping pong ball count at the draft lottery.

30. Edmonton, 36 PTS (last week #29): Playing for a draft status.

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