Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Jets Defeat Patriots

I have to say that I was shocked at the Jets stunning defeat of the Patriots, whom I had picked to win the Super Bowl. One has to wonder if the Pats still had Randy Moss to stretch the field, how that game might have been different. Maybe they go 12-4 instead of 14-2, but doesn't that deep threat change the Pats offense in that Jets game? There was a blueprint out there for how to stop the Patriots short yardage offense and Rex Ryan executed it perfectly. Tom Brady did not look right all game. Mark Sanchize is an enigma. I watched him all season, drafted him to back up Rodgers on my Fantasy team, and the guy sucked for most of the season with just a few good games. It is hard to make sense of how this upset happened, except that Rex Ryan out schemed Billy the Hoodie. I was put off by the Jets post game celebration, they got a little too excited about a 2nd round playoff win. You need to win 2 more games, don't blow your whole wad on one game.

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