Tuesday, January 18, 2011

NHL Power Rankings

I would like to attempt my first ever NHL power rankings. This season I have watched a lot of hockey because I work at a rink with 10 TVs set to sports channels.

1. Vancouver, 65 PTS: I am calling Vancouver my favourite to win the Stanley Cup.

2. Philadelphia, 65 PTS: Pronger coming back, this team looks very strong.

3. Pittsburgh, 62 PTS: I ranked them ahead of Detroit because Pitt beat them tonight, but this team really needs Sidney Crosby.

4. Detroit, 62 PTS: Team getting it done without a lot of players.

5. Boston, 59 PTS: This team has a bright future. That Kessel trade will start to pay big dividends in 2 seasons.

6. Washington, 58 PTS: Something has been wrong with Ovechkin, but they have such a strong scoring punch and Varlamov has been playing great.

7. Dallas, 61 PTS: Can't get excited about Kari Lehtonen but team is getting it done. Langenbrunner makes the team better.

8. Nashville, 56 PTS: Shea Weber is starting to heat up, and that is great news for the Preds power play.

9. Tampa Bay, 59 PTS: Goaltending is a problem, but I am starting to warm to Yzerman's team. Stevie Wonder, my favourite player of all-time.

10. Chicago, 54 PTS: This is a better team than the standings indicate, but they most certainly miss Dustin Byfuglien.

11. Anaheim, 56 PTS: Corey Perry has been having a MVP calibre season on both my fantasy hockey teams. Jonas Hiller has been playing fantastic (excluding last week) and Selanne is playing very well. This is a playoff team.

12. NY Rangers, 55 PTS: This team will not win the Stanley Cup, but they are a good team. I got Brandon Dubinsky in the 15th round of my fantasy draft.

13. Colorado, 54 PTS: Matt Duchene is going to be a great player in this league.

14. Montreal, 56 PTS: Injuries are becoming a problem.

15. Pheonix, 55 PTS: I just can't get excited about Phoenix. Also I want them to fail so they can move to Hamilton.

16. Carolina, 50 PTS: Tuomo Ruutu is the man.

17. San Jose, 51 PTS: This team should be better. Do they miss Malhotra that much?

18. Atlanta, 53 PTS: They have started their return to earth. Can they hold on to a playoff spot?

19. Los Angeles, 49 PTS: I thought this team would be much better than it has been. 2-8 in last 10.

20. Buffalo, 45 PTS: Quality young team that should push Atlanta for a playoff spot. Losing Derek Roy and Tyler Myers sophomore slump account for team decline from last season.

21. St. Louis, 50 PTS: Injuries are becoming a problem. If healthy, this is a good team that should push for a playoff spot. Alex Steen is the man.

22. Minnesota, 49 PTS: I do not like this team.

23. Florida, 45 PTS: They have been better than you think, but I do not like this team.

24. Calgary, 46 PTS: The most under performing team in the league. They should be much better than they are.

25. Columbus, 47 PTS: I do not like this team.

26. Toronto, 41 PTS: I just want this team to sink low enough to get a ping pong ball for 1st overall (which will be going to Boston again).

27. Ottawa, 41 PTS: The Daniel Alfredsson era is over, but the greatest mistake in franchise history was letting Zdeno Chara go.

28. NY Islanders, 35 PTS: This team has some exciting young forwards, but not enough D. Also as predicted, that Dipietro contract is not looking so good.

29. Edmonton, 35 PTS: This team has a bright future.

30. New Jersey, 29 PTS: Losing Parise was devastating, and they should have just let the NHL void the Kovalchuck contract.

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