Thursday, March 31, 2011

Great To See Sidney Crosby Skating

Whether or not Sidney Crosby returns this season, I think it is fantastic he's skating with the team, a playoff team. I will be curious to see how they manage in the playoffs with or without Sid, because thus far they have exceeded my expectations without Crosby and Malkin. Even if he doesn't play, having him practice with the team is going to make them better. He is a unique specimen that should not be rushed back before they are certain he's ready to go, but the NHL is a better place with him on the ice. If he can't play, don't play him, but I at least want to see video feeds of Crosby practicing on my nightly sports shows. I want Crosby back, and I'm not even a Penguins fan. I'm a Red Wings fan.

I want David Steckel to get a lifetime suspension.

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