Sunday, April 3, 2011

April 2011 NHL Power Rankings

The NHL playoffs are coming soon to an arena near you, and here are my pre-playoff Power Rankings

1. Vancouver, 113 PTS (last rank #1): Losing Malhotra hurts, but this is still the best team in the league.

2. Washington, 103 PTS (last rank #3): After a slow start, we learn that they are who we thought they were.

3. San Jose, 101 PTS (last rank #4): They are who they were supposed to be.

4. Detroit, 100 PTS (last rank #2): This team will show up in the playoffs.

5. Philadelphia, 102 PTS (last rank #5): This team is vulnerable in the playoffs. Their goaltending is an issue. I owned Boucher and Bobrovsky on my fantasy team, so I know.

6. Boston, 99 PTS (last rank #6): This team will beat Montreal if they meet in the playoffs.

7. Tampa Bay, 97 PTS (last rank #8): Won 4 straight.

8. Chicago, 92 PTS (last rank #9): It is tough to tell how good this team really is, but I got the Canucks in 6 if they meet in the playoffs.

9. Pittsburgh, 100 PTS (last rank #11): I can't believe how well they are doing without Crosby, who is now skating with the team.

10. Anaheim, 93 PTS (last rank #16): Hiller is back, Corey Perry is on a tear. This team could upset a top seed in round 1.

11. Los Angeles, 96 PTS (last rank #7): Losing Kopitar hurts hard.

12. Nashville, 95 PTS (last rank #15): I would rather see my Wings play Nashville than Anaheim or Chicago in round 1. Pekka Rhinne is a serious candidate for the Vezina.

13. Montreal, 91 PTS (last rank #10): I don't see this team repeating its playoff success of last season.

14. Phoenix, 96 PTS (last rank #12): This team is not going deep.

15. Buffalo, 88 PTS (last rank #19): They won't win a playoff series.

16. Calgary, 89 PTS (last rank #14): Not a playoff team.

17. Dallas, 87 PTS (last rank #13): Not a playoff team.

18. NY Rangers, 87 PTS (last rank #17): Trouble brewing.

19. Carolina, 86 PTS (last rank #21): Staying alive.

20. Toronto, 84 PTS (last rank #22): Not yet eliminated, but it is pretty much over. At least Boston won't get another lottery pick.

21. Minnesota, 82 PTS (last rank #18): Coming back to reality.

22. Columbus, 81 PTS (last rank #20): Falling off pace.

23. St. Louis, 80 PTS (last rank #24): Bright future, foggy present.

24. New Jersey, 77 PTS (last rank #23): Second half run cost them draft status, but I still like Lemaire for the Jack Adams.

25. Atlanta, 78 PTS (last rank #25): This could be a playoff team next season. Tobias Enstrom doesn't get the credit he deserves.

26. NY Islanders, 72 PTS (last rank #26): Need new ownership, management, and a new city. But otherwise the future is bright.

27. Ottawa, 70 PTS (last rank #28): Decent end to the season.

28. Florida, 70 PTS (last rank #27): Move to Quebec City, ASAP.

29. Colorado, 66 PTS (last rank #29): Extent of their collapse almost unbelievable.

30. Edmonton, 59 PTS (last rank #30): Worst team in the league right now.

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